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Found a unicorn today


Now if Anky would spawn…


Try the parks

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Ankylosaurus is vanquished into the shadow realm (parks)… So yeah, good luck with that, I only ever see Pteranodon in parks.


Those are such a beautiful sight to see :heart_eyes:


Yeah Kentro might seem rare… and is the rarest l1 epic. They still have a way better chance to spawn then anky… just by the basis that there are only 6 other epics that can spawn in an l1 versus the 8 anky has to compete with.

They should atleast disable globals from spawning in parks would help some.


Nice find @evosthunder! I haven’t seen any Kentros around my area lately.


I found 2 around my house yesterday!


Don’t you mean the purple realm?

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i got anky earlier this week and he wasnt at a park. was at the local coffee shop. first one i have seen in yonks


Exactly! this would also benefit scents as well (especially epic scents), (just used one in park in daytime, got about 5 spino g2 and a bary)
which now brings me up to about 15k spino g2 and 12k bary!!! lol


whats the point of going to a park if all you find are irritator gen 2 and nundasuchus… lol
and dimorphodon at dusk/dawn