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Found an alliance, thanks all for the offers. I've joined Dilligaff

Lost some members, others seem to log in once in a blue moon, and so far we’ve only ever reached 2/1, with me doing most of the work weekly.

I’m looking for an alliance that hits at least 3/2 and has high level sanctuaries with any of the following:
Erliko (G1 or G2), Argentinosaurus, Secodontosaurus, Baryonyx G2. I don’t use Discord on the phone, so I’d rather communicate via alliance chat.

Also, I have Proceratosaurus DNA (11055) for whoever needs donations in it.

Thanks everyone. I’ve joined an alliance now.


4/3 lvl 19 sanc fully operational Discord
Please pm if you’re interested

I would be happy if you join us.
Our Alliance is called Victory world, and we half Russian, half International alliance.
Most of the time we are hitting 4/3.

I also lead our alliance sanctuary group in Telegram, thinking about Discord as well.

I’d join, but like I said, I do not want to install any other stuff so I’d communicate via chat if that’s ok.

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As long as you do your dailys and report them done in the chat, you’re more than welcome :wink: please provide your JWA name before requesting to join

Never mind about the JWA name see it’s identical to your nick here :wink::see_no_evil:

I found your alliance. Do I request to join now?
Edit: Already sent request. If you change your mind please tell me. I am not darting/spinning anything until I join an alliance.

We are a 5/4 alliance. We do have discord but you dont have to use it. Just be active. Shoot your darts and try 10 battles a day, most of which can be friendly or campaign. We only ask dbi mon thru wed to help get to rank 3. After that we have enough to get it to rank 4

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Come check us out over the weekend. After Tuesday if we arent for you, take your rewards and try another. We keep it as fun as possible.