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Found Another App that's trying copy Lovelink lol

So I came across this app and as soon as you open it immediately they ask you to subscribe to them for monthy nonsense. I had money to spare so I was like why not the art looks cool.

But man oh man right away I notice the dialogue look familiar and it was! They are plagiarism Lovelink characters from word to word.
The app has a lot of network issues, kept restating when I try to screen shot my convo with the characters to show you guys what meant yeesh talk about frustrating aha.

They also have bots for their reviews on the positive and it says it’s been downloaded by 500k peeps with only 60+ reviews lol who are they fooling?

So if you guys come across this app I really recommend you don’t waste your time and download it you’ll be wasting your money and time.

Ludia maybe be frustrating but that doesn’t mean I want others to copy word from word from their hard work, because at least they are original and creative on their own.

(Thank God I got my money back tho because I told them about the issues I was having)

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @Bell! :blush:

I’ve let our team know so that they can act accordingly.