Found it! The most valuable piece of JWA


It took a while, but I have finally found the most important thing not just in JWA but in life:
My Time.

Ludia, while you may not be allowing cheaters to get trophies or rank, I am epically wasting my time fighting them and missing out on the fun you intended to provide… or doing just about anything else.

I think most people average 4 minutes a game and facing X number of cheaters a day… or an hour, you are robbing me of TIME.
I have spent money on a VIP membership and occasional coins/cash equivalents, however if I no longer enjoy this game due to failure of REMOVAL of cheaters, I will no longer provide my business.
Please understand your current measures (as stated by your representatives on this forum repeatedly) are insufficient and more aggressive action needs to take place if you intend to establish yourself as a long-term brand.

”Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself”

  • Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s

We are giving you our time, please care for it while you have it …