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Found the balance

Following the 2.1 update.

One of the smoothest first day after an update I can remember.

If we put on side some of the bug that probably gonna just stay here for fews days
(IIT act like a normal shield - rending dommage on raid that do as much do turn 2 than turn one - raid retry but you can’t accept new invite)
This update seems to be a real success.

Yes, I think max nerf was a little too harsh, but it is way better now than before, without him and tryko to rule the arena, you can now win, even if you didn’t draw the best card of your deck.

The balance seems better now than I can ever remember, the new raid was a pleasure, and I can’t wait for the next.

Thanks for this update.

Keep the balance like this, with some buff for the news creature (without creating a new OP creature), give us some long awaited hybrid (alloraptor? Alankylo? Poukaidei? …) in 2.2. and we’ll love you !

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