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Four Day Losing Streak Rant


I don’t know who will read this or if anyone will care but I just need to bloody rant. In the almost year I’ve been playing this game I have never been more frustrated with it than I am now. Four days. Four days! I’ve won 5 battles. In four days worth of battles. My Indo, Indom, and Erlidom have stopped dodging through evasive and cloak. Seriously, I’ve given up on using those tactics and just hitting straight through until they get taken out because I know dodging won’t work. The other players dinosaurs have been not one or two levels above my own, but four or five levels above, so obviously they are faster in most regards and more powerful. 5% crit dinosaurs are criting multiple times. Multiple times I’ve been just about to win and a miracle happens for the other player and they make a come back. This wouldn’t be a problem . . . If it wasn’t happening for four days now! What the heck is going on?? Seriously. I’ve gone down a whole arena now and it just won’t stop. Yes. The obvious solution is to not play any more battles until my team is leveled up a bit more, but how, after weeks of being in this arena, is my team now not good enough for it? It’s just been four days of so much frustration. Maybe this topic will provide some validation for someone. Maybe you just want to have a rant of your own. Go ahead.


Not too much you can do if the opp team is a few lvls higher, you need to have rng and crits goin your way for your team to win against such lvls. Just have to hope the match making cycle reach the other end sooner i.e facing team - 200 trophies from yours.


Yesterday I dodged 3 times with Procerathomimus. Havent done that in a while so I was amazed.


Yeah, it happens to everyone… It got to a point where many of us wonder if it’s not on purpose. Some kind of programming that makes RNG go against you. My record is losing 600 trophies in two days. It’s incredible, you drop trophies and still keep facing stronger opponents… My only advice to you is, just hang in there. Battle only for incubators and don’t mind your trophy count.


I thought the opponent was cheating when he got only crits with a 26 magna yesterday and my best creature is 26 Indoraptor. I was livid when I didn’t even kill it. But for some reason, if my opponent gets all dodges during their first time using evasive, they don’t if they survive till the next time they can use it.


Just last night I ranted in our Alliance chat group similar to the OP’s post. Even for incubators, you have to win to get it and this last few days it’s mission impossible.

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Losing streaks are annoying, but it evens out on long run. Soon you will start winning and you’ll come back to trophies that fits your team.
If your Indominus is lvl 20, I would suggest you to bench it. Two RNG dependant dinos are enough. Most of players know how to counter Indominus.
Personally don’t use cloak on Erlidominus, except against Thor or sometimes against Indo.


I kinda observed tat as well, tho there was 1 time a indo I was battling evaded all 3 times in the first evasive stance, n 2 times in the second stance :confused:

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