Can’t believe how hard I hard to work to get a lousy epic incubator. Am I the only level 16 without an indoraptor?

I don’t have Indoraptor and today I will reach lvl 16

Im level 16 and am only at 90/250 on creating Indoraptor.

My fuses have literally been 10 (of course lol) > 20 > 10 > 20 > 10 > 20 = 90!

Not looking forward to when I get 10 next -_-!

Level 16 and no Indo here. 170/250, hoping for a perfect Halloween event! (Who am I fooling ;-))

I do not have Indoraptor at level 15 … and surely I will not have it when I reach level 16 … I’m missing at least 22,000 velociraptor DNA and about 300 TRex DNA.

When I see people with Indoraptor at 30 and Indominus, I always think … do they have a DNA factory? Is there a black market? LOL

I still don’t think its possible to have a legit level 30 Indoraptor AND 30 Indom, even if they played 24/7 you can only obtain so much DNA before you run out of time in the day!

Im level 14 and i got him last night. I only hunted raptors and I saw like 5 T rexs yesterday after seeing none for ages. I hunted at night time and know where they spawn roughly in my area. It has been a grind and half. I guess if your rich you could spend a fortune

I actually think it may be possible to have at least indominus lv30. Given how much raptor and rex dna that was offered through numerous events, anyone who bought all those premium and epic incubators would have been sitting on a gold mine of dna. That being said, it would have been easy to get indominus there but to do both, is maybe stretching it.

I am lv15, almost lv16 and I only got my raptor and indominus there recently. That being said, now I have enough indominus dna for quite a few attempts. I just need to stock pile raptor dna…

I’m level 20 and currently ranked 30th on the leaderboard and don’t have an Indoraptor. My Indominus is still level 16 and not being used. I’m thinking about making Indo soon though because I have more than 75k raptor DNA and might need another dino that can cleanse if that superiority strike update is true.

It’s possible. Those common scent make Raptors a non issue at night and T-Rex is kinda common.
But you would have to be really hardcore. (I can’t do it. LOL)
I think the biggest thing stopping it from being done is that there is no real incentive for leveling up I-Rex after 20. It’s DNA is best spent elsewhere as it wont be on your team end game. It’s a stepping stone dino.

I’m lvl 16 half way to mine. I don’t think many actually have one! the main bot team ATM has a Indo raptor on it’s team now so it seems like everyone has one but u are just fighting same bot over and over