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Frantically looking for a clan!

If anyone has a 3500+ BP requirement clan with a few players and an open slot, I’d love to join! I’m a very active player who keeps growing daily.

Clan YesViolet we are Brazilian and we are looking for active players I and my wife almost managed to kill the old man alone 16k of life is missing

this message was translated into google translate

Alpha Kings is an English Speaking clan with no BP requirements. Feel free to Join us.

I have Sky Terrors, looking for 4000 players but taking anyone active.

Hey @CatMiner we are recruiting! Team name: Antipodean Army - we would love to have you :slight_smile:

That’s probably not a response you want, but it could be a useful piece of advice:

Forget about other clans for now. Just start your own, try to give it a name that doesn’t immediately suggest that you have IQ deficiency(in other words, a marketable name that people will click on) and throw that 50 rune investment into a PUBLIC clan. Oh, and, of course, make it global and say something like “new players are welcome”. I sheet you not - you’ll fill it within a day.

Now, seeing as the whole key\alpha dragon issue is still quite unresolved, and devs are doing their best to stay as mum as a mummy - you should check your clan’s roster for potential people, who are definitely not beginners. Trust me - accidents happen, especially when Alphas die within 10 minutes.

With that - start farming those 150 keys a day from being #1. Whatever the rabble below you does - doesn’t matter, so long as you remain on top. Start piling up your damage records. 3-5 screenshots will probably suffice.

Then, assuming that every clan right now 1001% beats the Alpha and they’ll scale - once you hit a point where your paper clan can’t beat it - just drop it. Or pass the leadership and leave if that’s possible or if you feel generous. Meanwhile - post your damage records either to the top clans here or on the official Dragons Discord server. I left the place, but the link shouldn’t be hard to find. Lightfury, the admin, said he was planning on organizing civil approach to clan recruitment there, not to mention having some elitist clans for himself and Toothless and other salt of the earth.
So if your damage record is equal to higher than the average for your Team Power - chance are you’ll be recruited and you’ll be able to fight for top 10 spots for those sweet high-level Alpha chests. Or you’ll end up in the damage fodder half of the clan, in which case it’s never too late to repeat the first part of this lengthy advice.


If you want to join us we are Fenix ita and we like to rise everytime we fall :wink:

looks like your as good as ever :,)


I manage to get by. And not like I’m suggesting others to do “what I do”, my intent was always to have clan, where new players could have a slice, but it doesn’t hurt to get daily 150 keys from it by being the top player, right? Not my game design.

Besides, the current recruitment system is fairly flawed. People just pick numbers at face value. Of course, it will evolve, but … there are 3k players struggling with pre-3k content and 3500 players that challenged my 4400 Alpha damage. So clearly numbers matter very little(not to mention the tile RNG).

That’s why actual games may have a facade of… “ilvl” or “gearscore”, but when push comes to shove - it’s the achievements, the damage logs or even video footage of your gameplay - that gets people “places”. That was the basis of my advice - get a clan, make it public\auto-filled, practice there and then present THAT data to the “good” clans. And while it’s not my place to tell hardcore clan leaders how to lead their clans - they could still use some “damage done” quotas instead of team power.

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