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A couple days ago, I played 4 battles and none of my opponents pulled a rat or chose not to even though I won 3 of the 4 battles. Every one of the teams had rats but my team is rat free.

Today in the oral surgeons waiting room waiting for my wife to have her last wisdom tooth pulled, I played my 2 accounts and her 2 accounts to fill incubators (for something to do and suffer along with her). Of the 7 opponents I played that had rats, I only had one pull a rat on me in any of the battles. Before playing my wife’s accounts, I swapped her rats off for other creatures because I don’t like playing those. I did just fine without them.

I’m wondering if they have an algorithm that attempts to block rats from being picked when one team is not packing one. They know how much players hate them and I know they could program this if they really wanted figuring that if a player is not using one, they would rather not have an opponent that uses one.

I have to ask. Is anyone who is not packing a rat finding your not seeing them as often?

i have to admit since taking my rat off my team i havent encountered nearly as many. prior to removing the rat it was literally every battle

I don’t use DracoceRAT-OPs, yet I still fight rats. Not every battle though, and not as many on my level 17 second account as on my main. The second one just hit 4,497 though, so if/when it hits Aviary the amount of rats I face may change.

Some nights i fight DC nearly every match and DC has never been on my team except for a few weekends

It must be just luck then like getting a 70 fuse on Grypolyth today. :crocodile:

Took the rat off my team a while back and I was able to make it to Library, would only come up against the occasional rat. Before I took it out I would get a rat nearly every battle.

Been Rat free for a few months now and get an endless procession of Rat users; seems to be the “weapon” of choice for so many people’s second move - damaged that Magna? Rat it! Damaged that Erlidom? Rat it! Damaged that Utarinex? Rat it! I just sigh and obliterate it - even Maxima is getting quite good at squishing Rats and Erlidom can now take out the 5000+ ones.

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You were just very lucky .Down from 5680 to 5260, 7 strike losses against rat teams.Only one i have managed to beat because he pulled his rat very early.

I dropped the rat at the start of this patch and honestly i feel like i run into far less… so its a possibility if match making allows for it… The top 500 guys wouldnt get that type of match making though simply not enough opponents to be that selective that high.

This thread does seem to have alot of people that recently have dropped the rat. My reasons being Id rather have 8 well rounded dinos with with a bit more involved gameplay rather then to swap in now or not swap in now that is the question.

A couple more battles with only one team packing DC but was not chosen. I won both and feel a little over powering to my trophy level. I’ll just keep going as I play now and then to work my way up.

I just hit Avairy and looking at the two teams I just played and comparing to a couple alliance members above me, I should plateau somewhere in the 47-4800 range. I’m 4502 now. There must be a big jump in team level over the next 300 trophy’s by 2-3 levels. My alliance #1 is at 4997 with a level 24 average team. The 2 next up above me is 26xx with a team average of 21.5 & 22.5. My team level is almost 23 exact.

I dropped the rat a while ago but haven’t really noticed a decrease in opponents usage.

I’ve been trying to balance the levels of my dinos a little more to keep them all within a few levels of each other. For the most part it seems to have improved battling although occasionally I will get the opponent with dinosaurs a couple levels higher than my highest.

Haven’t really missed the day all that much though.