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Free Boost Reallocation Every Meta Change

every update that changes existing game creatures should reset boosts. or let us freely remove boosts once, for changed dinos.

remember the logic behind having a cost to remove boosts from a creature? to avoid ping pong applying and removing, we decide to boost a dino, then when we change our strategy we pay a cost, having half of boosts removed.

but, when a creature is NERFED by ludia developers, we shouldn’t have to pay that cost, because it’s not our mistake to invest into that creature.

example: i boost utasinoraptor. then i unlock a better dino and decide to swap them. so i pay for that decision, that change. and remove utasino boosts, paying half of resources, and apply to new creature.

but what if i have utarinex, apply boosts to it, and ludia nerf it? should i pay to remove them to apply to another dino?


They should just get rid of boosts and never have this problem again. :+1:


Sell a “pill” for 500 hc that fully resets 1 dino and allow us to only have 2 in inventory at any time. 500 hc is prohibitive enough to prevent abuse while allowing us to selectively redistribute boosts.

No more resets.

Enough. No more letting people get away with putting all their eggs into one basket. Time for people to learn from their mistakes. This is unfortunate for people like me who put boosts into things which are worse now, in my case rinex, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. Time to let the system settle. No more resets.

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This is what i thought would be a better solution then the 50% loss. And it gives Ludia another potential revenue stream.


well, in case is not their if you meant players. nerf is ludia’s fault.

the only thing i can learn if i want to avoid this rinex effect is not boost anything.
who can predict what dino will be nerfed next update and not invest to it? and it’s nonsense anyway because would waste a meta to wait another.

ludia changes the meta, not us. they should give us a compensation like that.