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Free cash for some players?

I just heard that some people in our alliance got 6000 free cash after the maintenance. I got only 100 cash as was supposed I think. At least they said they didn’t buy any cash before the maintenance. Not sure though. Sounds a bit unfair.

Someone got 10.000 for free!!!

And a lot of other got aswell.


Is your cash count higher then before the update? I had extra cash in my bank after update, that was just there not collected from the mail thing that was extra

I checked and I got only 100.

Yea I got 5500 cash I wanna spend it before they notice

Everyone got the free 100 cash i think. But what determined who got their existing cash balance doubled?

4000+ for me

This lastest update given way THOSUNDS OF GREEN MONEY TO PLAYERS - FOR FREE!

All this money will buy players boosts who they shoulden’t have right to use!

The worth of all this thousands is 50 dollars or more, but even worse, this free money to spend on boosts have a HUGE IMPACT of the arena.

I suggest to restart this latest update directly!

Someone got 10.000 for free!!!

And a lot of other got aswell.

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My HC doubled. I would guess it wasn’t possible to determine who bought some and who received them from strike towers. All those I had came from a Boost strike tower.

Hey DPG members, the in-game Cash is related to the rollback. It’s to credit players that purchased additional Stat Boosts from the market. :slight_smile:


So now they can take that cash and just cap out every boost purchase.

People like me, who didn’t buy boosts from the store, just got 100 hard cash today.

The Boost Train has rolled out, and I’m still standing on the platform looking for a ticket.

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Are you sure Ned? Some people who did not purchase additional boosts are reporting large cash influxes… Or am I misunderstanding those people in the stat roll back thread?

So you are confirming that you purchased NO additional boosts and your HC levels doubled?

My members said they got more HC which were not supposed to be theirs … while I didn’t get anything

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I never purchased any. All I had came from the game.

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So if you bought boosts with 500 hc you get 6000 back. Sounds about right…

Thank you for that Colin.

I have finally received a response from Support. It sounds Like I will be getting extra cash. they claim 1-3 business days (but before the end of sale? Not sure how they can pull that off with only one business day left).

I urge everyone to submit a polite ticket to support if you did not receive any significant cash from the roll back, even if you didn’t purchase.

Gorilla, if you haven’t yet, submit a ticket for your account to be reviewed for the Boost roll back.

I seem to have been given about 6k hard cash free having only bought 1 each of the stat packs after 1.7 plus am able to buy 20 of each of the packs in the store, looks like things could be worse.

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I got that same 100 HC, but I believe it was a thank you gift for being patient while the game was being updated. It said “Thank you for your patience”.

I also got HC to reimburse me for all the boost packs bought before the reset. Of course I promptly spent it all on more to spread evenly throughout my team.