Free cash for some players?

Hey Detonatress, if you have concerns, our support team would be glad to try and clarify this for you if you email them your support key.

I reinstalled the game again as all dinos were reset. I can confirm… I received additional 5000 green cash and of each three categories 86 boosts (3 x S+H+D) + 25 Health boots.
That’s the fact and I done anything - only installed and opened the application. I am free player (I don’t have my own income as I am not legal to work for proper money)

Ok, thank you. I will ask them what is going on.

This thread has an explanation.

Ludias formulae paid all your boost resources back as if you bought them. So all those dailys and one tower were paid back once as HC. And everyone if they did dailys or not got a fixed amount of boost resources.


Sorry boosts not boots (doh, typo…)

Hey everyone, our team has also made some clarification to the Stat Boosts Roll Back.

More information on the original thread here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Stat Boosts Roll Back

As always, if you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team either from the in-game support or here at Thanks!

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Spent 2000hc only got 500 back

You need to submit ticket for review for sure!

Hey Catseyedan, could you email our support team from the email link provided above so our team can take a look for you? Thanks!

Depends how many u paid for its 500 bucks each time

I don’t understand the math here. How is it possible that some players who did not purchase any boosts from the market are getting cash back and some are not?

@David_Courtney linked it up for me so thanks buddy

@JonnyBro I’m expecting folks that play as free to play will get an average of 5k cash and you can see why if you read that link

I read that but that doesn’t ghange the fact I got 100 hard cash as free to play.

By any chance are you referring to the gift they are giving in the mail? Everyone got 100 cash

Yes. That’s the only cash I got.

If you recall having boosts in your inventory even if you had less than 25, you should get 500 for each category so that’s 1500 cash! Submit your ticket that you didn’t get any cash for stat boost rollback and see if you can remember how many boosts you had used or remaining for more accurate payback.

Everyone that plays should be seeing cash! lol

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If players who did not do dailys got free boost resource and they did. Only fair those players who worked got enough HC to buy the extra they worked for.

This is totally fair.

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I opened every daily incubator. I sent email so guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

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Sounds like the math worked in your favor! lol

Some honest folks are reporting they got excess cash but it’s up to you if you want to let them know. Others are staying quiet I’m sure.

For those that didn’t get the right amount are submitting tickets.

Nope. I have now spoken to numerous players that got significantly more back than what they spent buying boosts. In some cases by THOUSANDS.