Free cash from survey


Hi, I signed up and completed a survey to get the free cash. It hasn’t shown up in game.
How long does it take ?


Apparently it NEVER happens. I tried the same thing not too long ago, and it never appeared. Besides, most of those free cash things seem fishy to me…


Hey Maximo101, it can usually take up to 24 hours for these rewards to show up in your inventory. If you’re still having an issue, our support team would be glad to help you, email them here at with your support key.


I took surveys, downloaded games, signed up to free trials you name it, some of them give the rewards some don’t, I complained and sent proof i completed the action for 2 of them, I actually spent real money, but aside from 2 emails saying they were backed up I never got anything, it’s about 1.800 reward so it’s very annoying, i asked twice already, to Ludia as well, but nothing


I have had good luck with the free money. Some the apps have Specific details to them. I usually see results asap, I would be more then willing to help or explain or help try and trouble shoot one with in reason for any of you ☆♡☆♡


It took me so long and so many reinstalls and removing data to get the Pandora one to give me my money, i find that most of them requires a restart 2-3 times and going into a battle then the money shows, it’s such a hassle.