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Free Cash has not been awarded


I have completed a free cash task but have not been awarded the cash for completing it!
Is there a certain amount of time it takes or has it not worked for whatever reason??

The completed task was to get to castle level 11 in Lords Mobile

Rewards being denied

Same for me. I signed my grandson up for Dollar Shave club AND I took the Dino quiz and got credit for neither. That’s a LOT of cash I didn’t get.


Quite a few people have mentioned delays in getting their free cash. You could try contacting Tapjoy if it takes much longer.


Join the club. Its going on 2 weeks now and all I jave received are automated messages


Yep, submitted mine today.

They are well quick to take the cash, either directly or through sponsors.

But a miracle will likely happen before any kind of support.

Basically once they have your cash or cash from the sponsor any problems get passed to the one intern dealing with all worldwide support tickets. And his on holiday for 2 weeks in Malaga…


I have 6 downloads they havent awarded yet.
and they just flagged me for too many submittal.

Seems like they make their money but dont want to payout.


They flagged me saying id submitted to many offers even though i had completed them, and now im waiting nearly two weeks for a response its pretty rubbish really. Maybe ludia should step in as it seems im not the only one…


What counts as a submission? The one I’m owed is buried under a ton of other ‘pending’ offers, but all I did on each of those is look at the requirements, never once clicked through to the actual offer/service.


Same for me did a lot of games and didnt receive nothing, i stop to download tje free game crash cause is a lose of time then


I too have not rcvd my 4k+ cash for doing the kwiff offer of £5 deposit and wager. Its been several days now and no response from tapjoy. Just says pending still. This is ridiculous and i would like Ludia to step in olease as i have used money and not rcvd product so i will be contacting trafing standards if this is not sorted


I have had the same issue after downloading and completing a goal in Final Fantasy.

I don’t accept being told that we have to contact Tapjoy. It’s not our job to make sure their subcontractors do theirs. If 2 more days pass without receiving my reward, I’m done with this game.

If I like a game, I will make in game purchases to support them. But, if their attitude on in game issues is “that’s not our problem”, then I can’t see any reason to support them


I deposited $80 into a terrible casino that they suggested…played though the money…then went to register my claim and it is quickly denied…I then sent an email with the deposit amount…bank statement…and my account with the casino including the funds to start and finished…and it was still denied…how is that?


There’s been lots of issues with the Tapjoy offers I’m afraid.

Ludia won’t help and will just point you in their direction though:


i dont think this response from Ludia is good enough to be honest. They should take responsibility for the 3rd parties they allow into the game. everyone here supports Ludia, and pays money etc so Ludia should take responsibilty and not just fob this off to tapjoy. and maybe remove the feature as well


Tapjoy are not responding. I am contacting a solictor regarding goods not received if i do not get rewarded my 4285 cash units within 24hours its been several days now with no one responding. Tapjoy are terrible to contact. Ludia please step in!


Yes, same issue with Kwiff. Deposited £5 and settled the bet, but no game cash in my account.

The problem is probably that they don’t have the technical set up to tell the ludia app that the challenge is complete, and ludia customer services can’t be bothered to get it sorted or don’t know how to. Either way it’s not good enough - NowTV got it sorted immediately, so some of them work fine.


@Charles yep was with kwiff here too. @Ned see its not just me now can someone please respond and sort this mess out. Its totally unfair how u can treat you players like this, especially ones who spend!


I’ve emailed Ludia and cc’d Kwiff CS with a screenshot of my settled bet. I suggest you do the same as they clearly don’t intend to serve this up on a silver platter to users.


Done the same dude with screenshots of bet etc. Do u have a specific email for them? Or done through the naff support page?


Yep same here, Kwiff offer. I thought it was because i won my bet they weren’t paying out… seems not.

Whether I won or not is irrelevant tbh, the offer is the offer and I expect to get my legally binding return. They impose enough terms on us!

Besides Ludia do have the ability to correct this for their customers if they actually cared. It’s in game digital currency, it wouldn’t cost them a single penny to award players what they are rightly owed. Just a few samples button presses.

I have no doubt Ludia have their money from Kwiff…