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Free cash offers disabled?


I have read a lot of complaints regarding the free cash offers not being awarded after completion. Seems like ludia severed their ties with tapjoy as nothing pops out if you click free cash in game right now and i was almost done with 1 of the offers. Siggghhh.

Account suspended Tapjoy

Free cash offers are scam. I was playing 8-10 hours wirh differents games to make the goals and didnt get nothing. I am - 400-500 cash, and even the support isnt aswering a single word for a week now, when i was asking them about that.


Yeah, I have more “pending” than I do completed offers. It’s seems the bigger the reward the more likely you will not get it. The only awards I seem to get are for 9 or less hard cash each. I wish there were a way to clear the “pending” journal tab. I’m tired of seeing all those false offers there.


After waiting 18 days to receive my Coral reward it has failed and now the EARN CASH section shows account suspended. Any ideas or similar experiences


Never use TapJoy. their a fraud.


If your account is suspended, then unfortunately something has been detected when you were using your device. Spoofing or some other form of 3rd party software. Any violation of the Terms of Use of those services will result in your account being suspended.

If your Ludia account is suspended, then you should contact them directly as posting on the forums is not something that can openly communicate about due to the new GDPR laws, which are now in place. Just get in touch with their support directly here:

If your account access to Tapjoy is suspended, then you would need to get in touch with their support here: