Free cash options are down


Not working, cant click


Also for some reason even after doing the “challenge” for the game Board Kings for 190 bucks which is passing level 2 I didn’t get the bucks


I also didnt get my 200+ for the plan on seeing Jurrasic World? One and doing the full survey…


I’m having the same issue. I thought that I had earned too much and they shut me off. Are we sure that it is down?


Same issue here, free cash option won’t open and I haven’t received rewards for recently completed offers


Fiance having same issue and has never used it. I gotta say though, the 2200 cash for the $5 dollar shave club kit is dope. Recommended. (Got cash for that one)


I have tried the gardenscapes app, coin dozer, final fantasy, and coin master. I have not received my payout for any of these downloads. I will not waste my time downloading anymore.


Where do you find these when they work?


Click the “Market” button which is the bottom left button, or the cash button up in the top directly to the left of the envelope. And then you should see the “Earn Cash / FREE” option where all the other cash options are. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ty so much!! Idk why I didn’t see that before


Has anyone had any ‘free cash’ and it work? I’ve used a few options the last few days and have had none. Feel like it’s a complete con just to get you to spend money elsewhere with no reward in the game?!


Also found several survey based options not working no cash reward is coming through after completing and some are full of dodgy links to malicious websites, porn, and all requiring way too much personal info.


On the screen with all the offers, click the icon at the top left.
There you can check the “Reward Status”. Go to Not Rewarded, click the offer and check if you have fulfilled all the requirements. At the bottom you can contact the support if you believe it did not work properly.


Curious to know if I already have the ap (ex: Pandora) stated in the free cash area do I need to uninstall then reinstall to get the award


I completed the “whos that pokemon” game for 44 in game dollars and got nothing. only 2 of about 10 I did got rewarded. There should be other options to earn cash. Even the watching adds for 1 dollar option isn’t giving the reward.


Yeah I got to lvl 10 in Final Fantasy and nothing. Severely disappointed.


These have worked for me.