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Free challenge book doesn’t apply?

Farmed up a 1 hour free challenge spellbook in Challenge mode to use for Return to Harvestshield Event and it didn’t apply and used my gems for entry. Unlike the ForestFall Fen event No where does it say Free challenge book doesn’t apply for entry… it feels bad that it doesn’t work for this event. And feels worse that it’s not implicitly stated anywhere that Free challenge book doesn’t apply… a 1 hour book is only gonna be one entry and run out before completion so we would have to farm a 2nd one anyways if we wanted to… I was just tryin to use one for 1st play through and gems for the 2nd one but looks like I Farmed a book for nothing and will still have to farm gems for 2nd play through…
So Heads up don’t waste time trying to Farm free challenge spellbook…

It was explicitly stated back when the “Return” events first started that the Book of Bravery did not apply to them. This was back when Forestfall Fen was still in it’s bi-weekly chapters-phase and required gem reentry if you wanted to replay through them (the books didn’t work there either).

You expect something that only gives you 450 or 550 gold per challenge run for 5 free runs, to be worth 250 gems in a Return event? The best value you’re going to find for the Book of Bravery is if you ever happen to need a rebuy into one of the weekly Test of Mights, requiring 100 gems for 3 re-entries.

The Forestfall fen chapter events had text on the graphics that said Book of bravery didn’t apply… non of the Return events have had similar text to make players aware. A forum post by the company made 4 months ago doesn’t inform the entire player base like text in the current events graphic itself would. Expecting players to go to forums for in game info regarding event entries and dig through old patch notes for an explanation is silly.

It actually says in the 4 month old patch notes that REPLAYS book of bravery would not apply and nothing about the 1st entry. Don’t get why @DungeonBorn would defend this company for not being more transparent…

The book says “Entries for Challenge and Battle modes/events are Free.”
Nowhere does it say it works for exploration events.

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Lol trust me I’m not defending this company, there are a great many things I cannot stand and wish they’d address. Matchmaking is broken at times, removing the gold book on 20 along with the gems on 16 within Forestfall Fen is a big misstep, MoG’s not being tiered to renown is sad (I don’t even bother with anything less than Harvestshield Mountain), I’ll never play another Warrior Draft again as I despise them, they desperately need a gear load-out option/toggle switch for PvP vs. PvE equipment, they desperately need guild PvP battles (not warrior draft version), expanding legendaries and SH’s also to level 30 max makes me laugh (you couldn’t even max everything if you spent $50K dollars in real money), the assortment of bugs and glitches that need to be addressed, and much more.

All of these significant issues, yet you’ve chosen to attack them about a free challenge book on a “Return” event because you wasted an hour trying to farm one… This is common sense in my opinion, you don’t need to look back 4 months into the forums. You also shouldn’t need to see some verbiage above the entry fee stating that it’s “Still Not free with a Book of Bravery”. If the entry fee itself has a gem amount and doesn’t say FREE in all caps just like everything else that is actually free with a book (like challenges and pvp event rebuys), then guess what - it’s not free. That should be all the verbiage required.

Big picture - sometimes less is more, meaning you can continue to bombard them with every single nitpicking thing, only to have them become even further disenfranchised and jaded. Or you can continue to focus in a concerted effort on the big stuff, and have everyone rally around that for real change. Don’t say it’s not possible, because we did that with the Saarvin hood fix. Obviously there are far bigger issues with the PvP situation, but other things I do believe they can work on if we continue to hound them on it. This particular post topic here is not one of them in my opinion.

If it wasn’t ever supposed to apply to the first play through than why do they make a specific note about it Not applying to the 1 time replay of the Exploration Event

Note : The replay cost is not affected by the Book of Bravery.

Because the first play though on Fens was already free, so there was no reason for anyone to want to use a book.

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The patch notes post I’m referring to was talking about the Return events and not the Fens… I posted the screen shot check the swamp and scale patch notes yourself.

That doesn’t really change my answers. The initial cost on the return events was free too. But none of that really matters, the book tells you exactly what it works on, and it doesn’t mention Exploration events.

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