Free darts video notification

This is a suggestion as well as a complaint;

Ever since the watch video for free darts was introduced it’s harder to keep track of what’s actually important in the market tab: Opening the free 6h incubator.
I’m not interested in watching a video for darts, and it won’t go away after watching it, so for me there’s a constant “Watch” notification on the market tab that prevents me from seeing when the free incubator is ready. (Remember, many people still have over 100k darts available anyway from the time you could buy them for 100 coins)

Not just that, ever since I got the free month of VIP I have a bugged epic incubator that triggers a “Collect” icon that I cannot open. I got an incubator in the mail from support, but after almost a year this icon is still here.

Thirdly: The annoying mail icon that tells me I can watch a video for 3 cash. I do not care what so ev er. This mail icon is for mail, for news, for important stuff. This isn’t mail.
Just move that to the market place and remove the notification icon together with the other 2 issues mentioned above. You can check the marketplace IF you need darts/cash. Don’t force it upon us.

I missed so many interactions because I just ignore the market place notifications now… It’s super bad UI design.

There, free QOL advice that will improve everyone’s experience.

@Ned hugs, please forward this to the team personally, written, printed, digitally, and by signed telegram. I don’t ask for much, but please help :slight_smile:


100% agree. It’s an inconvenience at best.

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Only you can help prevent my OCD from freaking out daily, Ludia. Please.

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Thank you for the feedback on this, Tielenaar! I don’t think I’ve really paid attention to the Watch notification until just now :open_mouth: but I can definitely see why it might cause annoyance. :sweat_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, once the free Incubator is ready to be collected, the “Watch” icon should be replaced with a “Collect” icon.

As for the other notification feedback you have mentioned, I’ll bring them up directly with our team. :smiley:

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