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Free dollars?

So I downloaded one of the games that was advertised on the free dollars. It said to download this lords mobile, open and reach level 14 and receive over 4000 cant remember exact amount. So I did that sat on that game for hours getting to level 14 and I never recieved my free dollars for JWA. I’m so disappointed I would have never downloaded or played lords mobile if I would have known I wouldn’t get what was advertised

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Right. The same thing happened to me with the Disney one. I bought the movies yet never got my in game money :triumph:

You guys can send a support ticket in to Tapjoy and it may take a bit of back and forth but they will eventually get you your currency.

I believe that particular one is get your castle to level 14, not get to level 14. You can view the pending in game and see what the requirements are.

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Yeah, its castle and theres no way to do it in hours, I researched it and it takes 7-10 days

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