Free Entry Books

Putting a limit of 5 times on a 1 hour book is ridiculous… If you win a book that lasts an HOUR it should LAST AN HOUR. What are you afraid someone is going to cheat you out of a couple gems trying to complete an event?


My problem is they have time and number limit now. If you can run a lot in time you are capped by the number. On the other hand you can’t save them to use them at better time because of time limits. Seems like when the number cap got added the time could have been removed or at least extended. To not impose double limit


Just another move to slow progress and limit rewards.

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Please don’t do that. There is no way our grievances, many as they maybe, would ever equate harrassment. Besides, the quickest way to stop the game related disruption would be to get rid of the game, especially if it is already struggling.


With the limits on them. I got a 1 hr spell book for xp from vip quest track. Great!! I used it on the rally - thinking I’d have a good session on rally for some good xp. 4 rooms and about 10 minutes later it’s finished. About 250 xp each character. That is utterly rubbish. So rubbish it’s actually irritating.

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