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Free EPIC Incubator


has anyone gotten a EPIC incubator from battling since the update? got mine today. hoping for something good…


yup. from arena 8. praying brachiosaurus is in it tomorrow.


me toooo. came across the new epic croc last night. bloody hard to dart. the target was on its leg. wouldnt mind more of that DNA either


Just got one yesterday, need 15 more hours to open, hope i dont get brachiosaurus or some new hybrid, and hope i get sinoceratops, piroraptor of another useful epic for hybrids xd



Got this in it :blush:


Sweet just do that another 17 times and he’s all yours :confused:


Have you seen that?


I just picked up my treasure chest and gotten 2500 coins. Regarding the epic incubator. I’ve recieved two 24 hours incubators since playing but never gotten any Legendary DNA from it.


Nope n epic incubator like that for me. :frowning:


never seen 12. i’ve gotten legendary twice and it was 6 both times.


i got epic koolsauchas and sinoceratops


Very nice, out of my epic incubator recently :grin:


Ah man :frowning: here I am on day 7 of not being able to load the app because of the 18/22 issue :rage:


I never had an epic incubator. A couple of 12 hours and 24 hours but never an epic. Didn’t even knew that they existed.


24 hours is an epic incubator


re-install while connected through fb and/or gamecentre and it will work again.
Had the same issue. Progress will be saved


Tried it with all my other appgames and progress was never saved so Im not going to risk it. (Doublechecked that I was logged in gamecenter etc…)