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Not sure who is in charge of these, but why are these not even valid for 24 hours? What is the point?



Yeah, this one didn’t work after 10 hours for me already. I guess that’s a mistake because some lasted for days.

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This has happened to me for several days now. facepalm

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They should say how many are up for grabs. Give players an idea how quick we need to be.


As has been evident in the past, Ludia isn’t really aware there are people living in timezones different from theirs. Seems like the links work until their day ends, and they don’t care if you’re sleeping the whole time.


Hey Kristi, if you’re having any concerns with our reward links, do not hesitate to contact our support team here at and our team can take a closer look to see when they were created. Thanks!


Can this just be reported to support in general? There are plenty of people commenting on the post on Facebook that they have the same issue. I posted here so that it would get fixed for everyone, not just myself.


I’ve let our team know. However, it would still be really helpful for our team if they could gather more information on anyone who is experiencing this.


I never see these links anyway. I think I find one a week, if that.

No use (at all) for twitter, dont even see the point of having the app.

I do have Spambook but never see any links.


I specifically go find the link every day-- $10 game cash a day is very helpful!


I did through the in-game support. The feedback was that the links were already expired but in both cases it was the same as players report here. They came out just after I went to bed and were already expired after I woke up about 7/8 hours later. I also suggested it might have been already timed out at midnight local time, but that did not register at the one who answered my feedback. I don’t care about the missed rewards but I want it fixed.


I suggest on in-game support that they should do that one and only one link is active. So if they post one it should be collectable until they post another.

This seems to be clean and fair sollution.

(and I wrote to them when they post after I go asleep and link was inactive when I woke up)


I contacted ingame support and got a more in depth - unfortunately not more satisfying - answer:

The links themselves are setup to be valid 24 hrs.

But they get often generated hours before the post.

That’s why they often already expire 14/15 hours after posting.

The support didn’t go any further into the fact, that 14 is not 24 and suggested to just “use it as soon as possible”…


That’s funny because I already did. The answer was that the link works for 24 hours and that after that it expires. Also I should make sure to claim the reward as quick as possible after it’s posted. In this particular case the reward was posted at 23:00 local time and i wanted to claim it 7:45 local time… the time in between I slept…

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Well, then this particular link was generated even more hours before the post as I described above.

Since I know, I try to remember checking fb just before I go to sleep and quickly in the morning.

But it’s nonsense anyway. Why not just make it valid for 48 hrs? Where would be the harm in that? Especially when you know for a fact, that your link is not gonna last the 24 hrs it’s intended it to last for, because your posting it x hrs after generating?


And sadly, none of this info is surprising. facepalm

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Yesterday I used the link within 1 hour of the post and it was also not working. Locally it was still the same day as the post. There must be something that they change because a month ago it was working fine.


I agee hasn’t been like this for quite a while

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24 hours is complete lies, they posted one 13 hours ago. I just clicked on it and this is what you get.


Thought I was the only one. Same issue here. They haven’t replied to my tweet as well. It was working fine before so not sure what was changed.

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