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Free Game Cash Links

@Ned I noticed the same problem. A couple of hours ago I tried and it said I won’t get the reward because it is no longer available. It would be nice if the link lasts until the new one is posted on fb

I’ll definitely relay that suggestion back to our team, @MissMaiasaura!

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Thank you kindly


And then I managed to miss out on this one too :sob: tried this morning, but nope. Was posted yesterday 7.30 pm and checked around 7.30 am today. If just I would have checked fb yesterday evening :roll_eyes:

Same here, sick of it.

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Yes, some time before it works much longer. I could use the link the day after in the morning and it worked fine.

Now I have to click the link before going to bed. The link is up usually at 9 - 10 pm GMT +1. I feel sorry for those living in eastern europe…

They are so mcuh BS about this.

Still cant get daily cash. I click on the link after 8-9 hours(usually next day).

Well, from my experience they stop working after around 6 hours