Free gems issues

Dont bother trying to earn free gems. I’ve done 4 different offers and received none. Another example of the greedy mentality of this company. The game would be good if it wasnt pay to play much less pay to win. Lower IRL prices and increase in game options to earn gold/gems and I guarantee you’ll get more people playing and spending than unistalling.

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Hey Timothy_Duffy, I’m sorry to hear that you were having some issues receiving your gems after completing your offers. These offers are from Tapjoy, and they would be happy to help you if you reach out to them about the offer you were having trouble with.

Our FAQ here has more info on reaching out to Tapjoy:

Pooly written faq. You say use the menu button on the top left, but not what site. Do you have to go to someone else’s site? Is it through your app? Dealing with this game is ridiculous. I’m playing until the end of the month but my opinion is getting worse and worse all the time.

Apologies for the confusion. The menu is from the in-game offer wall. Once you are in the game, tap on the “Free Gem” option in the store, from there you can tap the menu on the upper left corner.

Let me know if that helps! :smiley:

I have tried to complete these on multiple occasions as well. I am even stuck with a subscription to Gainful protein powder for another month, a $50 cost and I did not receive anything. The app says you must wait 24 hours before reporting an issue, but the promo vanished before I was able to submit the issue. So long 2400 gems, hello $50 bill…

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Honestly everything I’ve experienced in this game feels like a greedy con. The VIP only bonuses showed up almost every chest until I subscribed then less than half. Free gems have never been delivered for any offer. The whole design is you need gold for everything, including grinding dungeons for gold, and the only reliable way to get gold is buy with real money.

If you have a Tapjoy offer that hasn’t paid out, just submit the ticket for the gems. In the little menu in the upper-left corner, tap the “Reward Status” menu item.

Then go to the offer that didn’t pay out. I have one of those quizzes that I finished but wasn’t credited for. If you bought something, get your email receipt in pdf or take a screen shot of it.

When you select the offer, you’ll have the choice to “Request Support” for the case. This will bring you to a form to fill out.

Upload your image proof and wait for Tapjoy to get back to you. From experience, they tend to take it on faith that you did the quizzes or something to get gems, since I’ve never had them turn one down because I didn’t finish or couldn’t prove I got 100%. I don’t know about the offers where you buy something. I’ve never done one of those and don’t think any of them are worth it.

Hope this helps.

I would have but it expired in under 24 hours… you can’t submit a request in one that is not shown. There isn’t a way to complain about not being able to submit a request.

I’ve done the free gems all the time and have received all my rewards every time. I have submitted tickets for 80% of them, and they all got processed, usually takes 2-4 days. I’m sitting on 3.5k gems from the gem rewards. I’ve spent zero on this game because of all the cautionary posts about it being greedy etc…