Free Gems

Has anyone been successful in getting any free gems? I thought I would give it a try on one of the simple “visit website and complete an action” ones. Guess I did something wrong because after 10 minutes of spam commercials being thrown in my face while I tried to do some stupid survey I did not get any gems.

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Hey Beender, it could take some time for the rewards to show up once you’ve completed your offer. However, if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to Tapjoy and they could assist you further with this.

I never had luck with the visit website and complete survey etc. I have downloaded games and gotten to the required levels. Have gotten several thousand gems that way. Last one I did gave me just over 1000 gems. Took me about a week of paying the other game though.

Going to throw it out there, I’ve gotten probably 25k gems from Tapjoy and only ever had one issue. That issue was resolved professionally by the tapjoy customer service rep.

I’ve never used the survey or other less than 100gem option, I’ve always gone for the “play x game to x level” offers.

I have gotten gems before. The “discover” gems are pretty quick to show up. The “action” gems that require way too much game play in completely unenjoyable games don’t seem to pay out the full amount promised.

I’d like to suggest an easier in game way to get a quick bonus. Bonus Doesn’t have to be gems but maybe a piece of common gear or some gold or whatever. I play another game where a bonus opportunity comes flying in screen randomly. You can decide to watch a short video or not. Whole thing beginning to end takes 40 seconds or so. Result is instantaneous and helpful though not overwhelmingly so. Would suggest for Waterdeep that maybe the store owner appears with a wooden cart. Offers to help in exchange for your attention. Or even something that appears on the battle screen as ‘not a monster.’

Be wary of trusting Tapjoy. They love to deny payout or delay them for weeks or months sometimes. I’ve had nothing but trouble with them for years in other games. My advice to anyone using them is to take lots of screenshots as proof to send them.