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Free Gifts - Kudos to the Developers

It seems most players, myself included, were pleasantly surprised to receive an undefined but significant gift package over the weekend. This package may have included a large sum of gold and numerous items. I would like to convey may appreciation for these gifts to the development team. Thank you!!

While I assume the gifts are related to the season reset, I am not certain how the gift allotment was calculated. Based on the comments elsewhere by other players, it appears there may have been a significant difference in packages allotted to players; some reporting 4 or 5 legendary items, others receiving only common and rare items, and other players reporting no gifts. Unfortunately. I don’t keep a precise inventory of my items so I have no idea what I received. The only reason I knew of the gifts was one of my few remaining unfilled items was mysteriously awaiting upgrade when I opened the app this morning, and I seemed to acquire about 150,000 extra gold.

@Marcus, can you check with the development team and confirm how the gifts were calculated. This information may be extremely valuable to players. Additionally, I suspect the drop rate may be tied to the purchased Quest Pass. If so, conveying this information to players might be a requirement as defined by Google and Apple store policies. Regardless, any assistance you can provide regarding this info will be appreciated.

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The message in pt-br informed that those items were left unclaimed at season. If that message was a placeholder for something meant to be related to pass I’m unsure, but I was happy with what I received, regardless the quality of the items (Saarv legendary helmet waaahh)

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I also received the message about unclaimed gifts. However, the message I received was specific to the 10,000 gold bonus from the Quest Pass. I never noticed a message about the other items. Perhaps I overlooked a second message.

I’m pretty sure if I had missed 100k gold pieces last season, I would have noticed.

I’m still pleased.


As someone who got nothing I’m perplexed. I’m not one to rain on someone else’s parade so happy for those who received gifts. Mainly though it just reminds me Ludia is arbitrary and has no clue how to manage a player base. Writing this while yet again going to sleep without knowing the schedule for the following week and all I can think is thank goodness I’m coming to an end here so I can see what a well designed game looks like.

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Hi all,

I thought I was supposed to receive the 10,000 Gold as a reward after the season ends (yes I completed all the quests every single day), but saw no message of the sort. And now the season has been reset…

Could the developers please look into this? Thanks.

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My guess is the 10k bonus prize at end of season wasn’t awarded automatically due to a technical issue and (some) players have subsequently been awarded a gift message to make up for it?

I haven’t received anything, but I haven’t paid to activate Warrior List either.

Can someone please clarify if the 10k bonus prize is only intended for those players who have paid for the pass?

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I was hoping to keep this thread related the larger unannounced prize many of received over the weekend. Discussion of the 10k gold may confuse or divert Ludia’s attention from the topical concern.
Perhaps discussion regarding the 10,000 GP Quest Pass bonus can continue in this existing thread where it is also being discussing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Quest Pass

I received 50,000 gold and a bunch of gear with the notice they were unclaimed items. I don’t know how they were unclaimed, but I was happy to accept them.

Software glitch? Did the game think I had not claimed items, books, from the VIP Quest Pass list and made me take them? I can see that mechanic could be in place to give people books they had not taken when earned (to use later) and which otherwise would disappear. I actually wish there was a way to store books for later use.

Unfortunately Ludian to English has not yet been included with Google Translate. :wink:
However, experience indicates “Unclaimed Items” usually refers to items you were gifted while off-line.

I remain confident these gifted items are additional Quest Pass rewards. I am uncertain if they were added accidentally or on purpose. As it would be well received, I would have expected Ludia to announce the additional gifts. However, this did not occur.

Regardless, I am curious how the value of rewards was determined. Perhaps it was random, perhaps the claimed prizes were doubled, or maybe any extra quest points were re-allocated to the quest ladder. I anticipate Ludia will clarified this. It was a generous gift for those who received it, but the lack of clarity is frustrating for those who were omitted. I am confident many would like to know why.

Hi @Orloch,

Thank you for bringing this up to my attention! I’ve spoken to the Development Team about how the gifts were being rewarded to players who had picked up the Warriors list. Since it’s the very first, and launched a little more rocky than we would have liked, the team decided to be more generous on the end of season rewards this time only :smile:! Please leave us any feedback that can help the team improve future Battle Pass events. Cheers!


The gifts are appreciated. Thanks for the timely response. :+1:

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I picked up the Warriors List and did not receive anything at the end of the season. Are you saying I should submit a support ticket?


Hello @gpinsky1313,

In that case, please do contact our support staff so they can look into it. Thank you!