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Free Incubator but not clickable

Hi Ludia, I see this “free” incubator but it is not clickable. Bottom left.

I am VIP member and I believe this incubator space is for VIPs to purchase incubator at 10000 HC. So wondering if this is a bug.

I’ve restarted the game several times but no change.

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Mines same way

Lol I‘m not seeing anything. :cry:

Yeah it’s weird how it’s not clickable, wonder if it’s something to do with VIP playing up

What’s up with this Ludia? It’s fake you guys…I can’t click to select/claim it…they’re just taunting me and hurting my feelings in the process.


I can see it but I can’t tap. Anyone has same problem?

When did you start you VIP subscription for the first time? The incubator is a 1 time thing, so you can’t get it again if you’ve collected it before. I don’t doubt that this is visual only (if its been collected before) with the VIP bugs going on.

By the looks of the pattern behind it, I believe it could be a reward to getting sanctuary to level 20. Not 100% but seems like it to me.

I’m crying I want to click it so badly

Hey, what gives!! How come I didn’t get a free non-clickable incubator too?! I expect one to be sent to my inbox before the weekend please!!

I’m not seeing that but that page is missing the option to purchase darts for 250 hc…

They actually did away with the 1 mega free incubator for VIP, for first time enrollment.

I didn’t realize that. That actually kind of sucks.

I dont have that on my phone, but it does show up on my ipad. Same account on both

If it is one time thing ludia shud remove this free incubator once collected and it should also inform new VIP members that they can wait until higher level

I could be wrong, but it didn’t show as a benefit on my iPad second account when I looked at making that account VIP. It was worth the incubator to try it for a month. I had VIP on my main account but canceled a few months ago.