Free incubator for winning ten battles?


Have u noticed they have changed it to a small incubator instead of large?

Im not surprised really in all honesty the dinos are still rubbish in it…


I haven’t been battling at all but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Pretty sure they nerfed epic scent capsules too. Did 4 again today, one epic per session and all koolasuchus, never once Ankylosaurus


Non-vips get a small incubator.

Vips get a large one.

I dont know why they dont bring this up… its actually one of the few vip perks i actually like…


i think the op cancelled their vip.


What is in the small one?


Incubator batlle @Danelle919 when you killed 10 dino on batlle we get free incubator. Small for non vip and large for vip player.


@Janx, yes I have VIP so I was wondering what the difference is in the small and large. Do u remember how much DNA is in the smaller one?


Do we mean something similar to 15mins Incubator for non-VIP and 3hr for VIP players?


@Danelle919 non vip simillar to 3 hour, but least dna. Vip aimillar to 8 incubator. I don’t know coz i m not vip


I’ll take pic next time I open one and post here :blush:


The small and large incubators are slightly better then their counter parts in my experience but its a small difference in dna and coins. Last time i checked my large incubator is like 45 more dna and 200 more coins then an 8 hour incubator.

The biggest difference between them is non vips get guranteed procera dna and vips get stygi dna.

Edit: i just looked at an 8 hour incubator and it show 618 total dna and im pretty sure my large one is worth 733 dna so a little more dna. But honestly that just like 100 more stygi gen 2s in it. I refer to it as the deluxe stygi incubator.


At lvl 14 the large incubator is worth guaranteed 809 DNA, 73 rare, and 18 Stygi.


Here is my VIP 10 wins Inc