Free incubator malfunction


Has anyone else had any trouble when it comes to the free incubators? Lately when I’ve been opening them the option for the epic or whatever is on sale pops up, I had about $3,771 saved up and when I went to open my free incubator it gave the choice for epic instead and I didn’t even want the epic one, plus I didn’t get anything from the epic incubator. It gave me everything from the free one and gave me nothing from the epic but still took my money. How do I report this in the hopes of getting it back? If I don’t get it back I’m done with this game. Sethjng new glitches every time I open the damn thing plus it took me forever to save up that money.


Hey Kelsi_M_Schmelzinger, I’m sorry you had that happen, and it must have been really frustrating. This sounds like a new issue to me, but our team would like to take a look at this and investigate further. Reach out to our team here at with any information you have for this issue and your support key. Including any screenshots on this issue in your email will also be useful.

However, our team have been getting a larger influx of tickets than anticipated, but they are still working as fast as possible to get through and assist everyone.