Free Incubator


I find myself getting excited to open the free incubator every six hours, only to receive some coins, 20 darts, and 10 common DNA. The DNA scales with level but at the mid to higher levels, that DNA is near pointless. The 15 minute battle incubators give better rewards than the 6 hour incubator. I know it’s free and people shouldn’t expect much, but it does take 6 hours to open. I suggest maybe a level equivalent of epic dinosaur DNA or 10x multiplier on common DNA. That puts it nearly on par with an 8 hour incubator and at least makes worthwhile to open as soon as it’s available. Any other suggestions?


I agree it sucks but the idea of Rare or Epic DNA makes me wary, this sounds to easy to me. Also, it is the Free incubator… I just like the darts.