Free incubators and VIP. Lackluster


Honestly, it surprises me that I don’t see people complaining about the free incubators. At level 9, every 6 hours I get like 20 darts, some coins, and like 10 DNA. Are you actually serious though? I don’t care much for darts or coins but what is 10 DNA ever going to do… It seems pathetic. At level 9, im looking at between needing 500-3000 DNA for any dinosaur that is actually decent to use, just to level it up once. For a game that I’m paying $10/month for VIP, I feel that these incubators should actually be useful… I play Jurassic World The Game (another Ludia game) where you build a park and battle. That game has a VIP also, for $8/mo. That VIP is actually worth it (free legendary and super rare Dino’s every few days from packs, double VIP points to buy exclusive VIP Dino’s, VIP exclusive hybrids, VIP exclusive battles, etc). This game offers what exactly for VIPs? Charging more, and giving much less than their other game… Extended range on the drone and battery time is okay, but 95% of the time I’m just getting DNA for Commons with that extended range and time… The VIP for this game is extremely lackluster in comparison to Ludia’s other game. I don’t feel that the VIP is really worthwhile for this game


Yup I’m cancelling my VIP


No one is forcing you to pay the monthly subscription as the game can still be played for free, but of course it will take more time to get the things you want.

People unfortunately these days want instant gratification or want more for what they’re purchasing. If you’re unhappy about the service that is being provided, then go to your account settings and cancel the recurring subscription and play like the millions of other players around the world.

Rob_Cowpertwait, one thing I’ve learnt over the years, is stating in a forum that you’re going to cancel your VIP access, won’t change anything. Providing constructive feedback as to way a system can be improved to benefit the developer and the end user is far more productive.


That’s what the OP did and you dismissed it.


@MikoRoz, if you re-read my post you will see I was addressing the 2nd person in this post (Rob_Cowpertwait) and not the OP.


Completely understand that nobody is forcing me to be VIP and pay the monthly fee. But the game is enjoyable and I will definitely continue playing it for a while. But if I’m paying $120/year for benefits, I want those benefits to fit the cost. Right now I don’t think the benefits are worth it.

The initial VIP incubator was probably worth the first $10. But the following months, the benefits don’t seem worth $10/month.


Yes, but you appear to contradict yourself in the process.