Free incubators for winning battles?


So in the gameplay I’ve been trying to notice a pattern for the 3 hour - 8 hour- 12 hour- 24 hour in how we receive them. I can’t figure it out!! They must be randomly given . I was thinking it was because of how you won the match or matches in a row but I can’t aeem to see any pattern the better they are the more scarce and less you get. Anyone else know something I don’t? I love the free 24 hour ones and 12. Hour ect…

Thanks jurassic world alive administrators


No idea how we get them, only seen one 12h incubator so far (and was very happy with what came out of it, can’t imagine what we would get from a 24h?)


I’ve only gotten 15m, 3 hr and 8 hr incubators from battles, and haven’t found any patterns yet at least.


I believe it is random like some other stuff in the game.


I have 2500 medals and have just seen my first 24 hour incubator. Prior to that I have only had 1 12 hour incubator.


They are all random, ofc 24h and 12h are rarest one.


It’s definitely random - i’ve had four 24 hrs ones so far. 2 of which i got one after the other!


24 hour incubators are basically the 30$ ones you pay 3000 dino bucks for lol they are nice to get probably the best part of game I’ve gotten two out of probably 60-80 icubators


It’s not random. The pattern is 3 hour < 15 minute < 3 hour < 3 hour < 8 hour. This pattern repeats 4 times. On the fifth time, the 8 hour is replaced with either a 12 hour or a 24 hour. Hope this helps.


here it is a thread that you can read

Please note that, even if the pattern is this, we all have some unexpected results, so I suggest you to note down your own incubators’ list when you win, in order to maximize the openings of 8/12/24 hour while you go to bed.


They’re Not random theres a pattern Wich goes. 3 Hr > 15 min > 3 Hr > 3 Hr > 8 Hr This pattern goes 5 Times on The fifth Time The 8 Hr incubator Will Be 12 Hr or 24 Hr incubator.


There actually is a legit pattern that was proven in an older but similar thread. I kept track of 30 battles, and fighting bots affects nothing. It can go like this:
15m > 3hr > 3hr > 8/12/24hr > 3hr > 3hr > wash, rinse, repeat
The only true random is the 8-24hr incubators. Doesn’t matter whether the battle was easy or “Dinos Must Die”, it goes in a pattern.


It’s not random. Battle incubators have a pattern 3 hr then 15min 3 hr 2 more times then 8 hr . That cycles through 5 times then there is a chance for 12 or 24 hr instead of the 8 hr. Thank you btw to whomever posted this pattern. I was not the one who figured this out. The 12 and 24 may be on a pattern as well and not just flip of the coin.


Everyone has said the same thing yes I understand now the pattern no need to reply anymore thanks!!

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So assuming that’s the pattern, what happens if you choose to battle without any free slots to accept an incubator? Does it continue as if you were awarded the next in the chain or pause until you actually do have a slot for it?


The pattern pauses when there is no incubator to be awarded.
Otherwise everyone would try to be smart and try to gain the 8/12/24hr incubators only :smiley: