Free Legendary

Finally a good and appreciated move by Ludia! The daily free gift culminates in a free Legendary after 24 days. Thank you!

I am incredibly disappointed in what they call “events” around here. Events should be PVE, not PVP. (And also not cost gems to participate in them!)

But, I have to give credit where credit is due. This is a welcomed gift. Thank you!


Agreed. A respectable free gift is welcomed. Perhaps this gift is representative of a newfound spirit of giving on behalf of the developer.

I would suggest they should also give a free Legendary pack to all players who are blindly being cheated by the ongoing rigging of the Silverhand Event.

In addition to event rigging being undertaken by players, the developers are taken advantage of many stronger players - using them to rout weaker players. For example, while fighting in Battle Mode (for free) I am consistently being pitted against much weaker opponents, who are likely playing in event mode. Such mechanics has these players unfortunately wasting precious resources only to be routed by exceptionally stronger heroes.

I have decided it is only fair if I also join in this spirit of giving. As such, I will begin playing the event, and continually lose (for free) to the weaker players who are otherwise being cheated. Hopefully, this may save a few players some valuable gems.

Perhaps others who are not playing the event will donate a few losses to other players.

Thanks, @Old_Benn. I’ll share the feedback with our team. :smiley:

I’ve been skipping the event, I too find it weird I’m suddenly playing in regular pvp Battle against much lower opponents. Would hate to think they are battling me as an event game and hence having a harder time to finish and costing them more losses and therefore more gems:(

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