Free Level up incubator


I think we should receive a level up incubator. I cant afford $49.99 and up each time I level up. I think a free reward indicator for each level but then also offer the special one that cost for ones that can afford it. Thanks My 10 yr old and I play ours together. We love it. We try to go to the park everyday together. We use it at the zoo, amusement parks, vacations and etc.


I agree, it would be nice to have a free level up incubator, and not have to pay each time you level up.


There is literally no reason to spend money on this game. Just get the special dinos at the park. Get ones that pop up near you. Fight in the arena so you have an incubator every minute of the day if you can. try to get an hour or 12 hour prior to sleeping. Get 10 treasure chests per day for 25000. and if you want to spend a crazy amount of time on this game. Get your daily coin limit from supply drops prior to chests. so 8000+ from supply drops then 25000 from treasure chests.
Bored? Not doing anything? when tapjoy free cash event happens, do a few of those. they aren’t hard and give you free cash. Use your cash to buy coins if you are running out.

My whole family does this and we are all 3500+ arena… I dont even have a legendary yet. My oldest has indominus. I am 100/200 on my indominus, and as well as close to my stegodeus. Those will be my first 2 legendaries super close on both of them.

No reason to spend money if you dont want to be in the top 5% of the players. Im happy at being in the top 15% or so while not paying for anything


That’s nice, but how hard is it to just give us a free good-job incubator for playing for so long? We don’t even get battle or capture XP, so it’s kind of a lot of work just to gain a level. This is, I think, less about whether we want to pay money or not, and more about how little we get in exchange for gameplay.

That aside, I still think the amounts they charge for stuff are garbage.


Im from a different generation and dont require a good job you are doing well free gift.

But… They have given you even more opportunities for free stuff right? Not just on level up? So its actually better than what you are proposing?

an extra 25000 coins every day? Free incubators by battling these strike towers… ? These inclusions are better than what you are asking as you have only leveled up like 7-9 times correct?


Maybe we’re not from the same generation, but this is basic game practice. If players don’t feel like what they’re putting into the game is worth it, they stop playing and stop spending money on any microtransactions. The entire basis of free-to-play games is microtransaction profit. Even keeping the cost of all level-up packs consistent instead of increasing them algebraically over time would be beneficial. More people might actually buy them then.

But I guess it also depends on how long Ludia wants to keep this thing running. If you’re too greedy without the name recognition/player base to keep up with your prices, the game will die faster.