Free Money Gimick


I’ve ton quite a few of the free money options and gotten NOTHING. Spent at least 30 minutes on two surveys, finished them, and received nothing for it. What’s up?!?!


Unfortunately TapJoy (the company behind the stuff) basically sucks. Like really sucks. They very often don’t pay and when they do it’s often days late. I swear it be easier to go work a few hours extra and just put the money into the game.


I ran into the same problems. I spent forever doing stupid surveys and received nothing for them :frowning:


I’ve seen a lot of posts like this, but I’ve had no issues. In fact, a handy tip - if you install JWA on a different device, which has your same accounts on it, you get presented with a whole different set of offers!


Why hide post if you tell something bad about the game? =/


Because this is an English thread and we don’t understand your comments. Besides you clearly know English


I don’t speak English. I only have very little education in your language. I though that was normal in USA too.
Sorry then =/


English is not the official language of America, but it is well understood that when your in na area that speaks English/Spanish you speak what everyone else is speaking. It’s just as rude to speak English in a fully Spanish speaking place for example.


For my was rude hide my commentary only because I spoke in English. I speak spanish because was my first commentary and I forgot that this forum is in English. Then hide my commentary no was rude? I think so.


Your post was poorly translated. Anyway, it is rude to disregard the language that is established as the default. Also I didn’t flag it, I just explained why it was flagged.


FYI i just completed a survey and got my cash rewards - so some offers are obviously still working.


Appjoy can work, unfortunately I think they get duped too by done if the people that use them.


Last week i made over $5k cash from the offers, this week there’s hardly any big ones to do :frowning:


You responded to me not the other fellow. Also, I supported the use of other languages, I just asked they use them where appropriate.
And I find your baseless accusation that I am “an Angry Right Wing” offensive. Explaining to someone who asked why they had thier post blocked is hardly a great racist crime. You are inflaming an issue that is not even a real issue.


I have done a ton and gotten paid every time. You have to make sure you download app from the link.


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From the outside looking in, you are right


Actually, English is the official language in the US. What language would it be? You should really research before making statements like that. Secondly i have had that no money thing happen to me when i do the “install and run” requirement, sometimes I’ll bet installing and running then go back to JW and the game restarts and i don’t receive anything, did it to me 4 times since yesterday.


I know the official explanation of ads being removed from supply drops is players data plan. But I wonder if Tapjoy were as unreliable paying Ludia as they’ve been with players.