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Free Money Section / Tapjoy Help Thread


Just looking at the offers under the Free $$$ section of the game and it tells you to download a game and complete the tutorial and you get some free cash right?

So far I feel like I have been tricked as I downloaded two games and played their tutorial and no indication of how to prove that it is completed or when it should come in.

Has anyone else have this issue?


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Hey, Grimlock, sometimes it can take a while to receive a reward for some of these actions. I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait, but sometimes it can take up to twenty-four hours for a reward to appear in your inventory. If you have any other questions, or if it’s taking longer than a day with no rewards, then please contact us at

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Hi, the small offers are legit, just not the ones where you have to do a quiz or answer questions… there is no button to proceed on those pages.
Dont go for the big rewards like 500 and higher, i never got those rewards. And def stay away from the scratchmania offer… it redirectsyou to gratorama and they tell you afterwards its only legit for scratchmania and not gratorama…

So for 50/50 its legit.


@John thanks for the reply, but it looks like only one worked…

@Thomas_Van_Damme thanks for the heads up, I started playing Final Fantasy…so dont expect the cash if I hit lvl 10 base?

Sigh…false hope huh


I had to lvl up to 11 and i m already past That so don 't have to expect free cash what a bummer

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Imo ludia should come in between… they allowed the partner into their game…


Beware of any of the ones that request you to fill out a survey, you will never get the reward because it will keep redirecting you to more surveys. This information is then sold to 3rd parties who will contact you non-stop with spam texts, emails, and calls.


Funny thing is after 20mins of ad filled surveys I was able to get 14 free cash, but all the other ones like play this game till level 5 for 20 cash, nothing works. what a scam so far.

They really need to step up their game on that free cash section or eliminate it as it’s really glitchy at the moment


Redownloaded Lords mobile to get cash but nothing happened and when I logged back in the offer wasn’t there anymore as well as the reward. I did this yesterday and waited but I guess there is something up. I love this game so I’m just enquiring


I’m pretty mad I did a Dino quiz for like$400 I could get in the game it never gotc


I’ve done quite a lot of the big ones 1000+ cash, only on things that I was interested in and wanted to buy. I did a gambling one for 5k cash but had to deposit £20, however, I turned that into £80…but then lost it all. Circle of life.

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They’re all pretty legit - although obviously the higher reward ones take longer to complete. I’ve racked up over 5k cash from investing time in doing these… So it’s really up to you whether you want to take the time to complete them or not.


Well maybe not major but very important to a lot of players who watch the advertised video and get no bonus supplies!! 90% of spun stops are giving no bonus drops like they did in the beta and I’ve been around for sometime now! Also please allow more rewards for monthly members .

I currently runs Facebook group for jurassic world alive and it’s new local to Calgary but :canada:Canada :canada: Wide! Anyone is welcome to shoot a member application thanks!!


Am already waiting 3 days for my rewards, still didn’t got it. They told me to wait 24 hours.


Having the same problem with the videos. Harrisburg, PA, USA


I’ve used and got nothing from it!


For the 196 one, they even replied to say the cash was added to my acc, but clearly my balance hasnt gone up a touch. So i guess I shouldnt be waiting any further then. :neutral_face:


I have no idea what this is but I didn’t have anyone contact me. So I guess the free cash is bogus. It’s kind of disappointing when you promised something, download another app in hopes to achieve your reward and finding out its just a gimmick without any support or help.


I have tried to get the free cash by downloading certain things and/or completing surveys and once its completed the cash doesn’t appear. Is anyone else having these issues???


I did one of the surveys and my email has been blasted with adult dating sites and “free marketing” ads.