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Free Runes not being given after watching videos

I noticed a problem today at 3pm GMT time: When I selected “Watch video” to earn free runes in the “Free runes” area of the Rune market, I wasn’t receiving the 5 runes after the video had finished playing. I watched several videos with adverts, and still no runes were given.

I quit the app on Android and logged back in. My Wifi connection is stable. This problem is still happening now. Is anyone else not receiving the free runes after they watch a video?


I’m also having the same issue no runes after watching videos despite logging out and logging back in.

Have same problem, hope someone can fix it, thanks

I have had this problem several times. Also didn’t get mine when going doing some of the options, like downloading solotaire and reaching a certain level. This has happened more than once also So I just quit doing them.

I’ve stopped getting offered to watch videos to speed up task times. It tells me there are no videos available to watch for free runes right now. Those two options stopped working nearly a week ago? Give or take a few days. The very last button for free runes by offers has never worked as far as I know. It doesn’t even acknowledge it’s been clicked. My son is the main player of this game, I’ve been his active partner for a month now. I’ll get the free runes and the task speed ups for a day or so then they’ll be unavailable for a few days but now, just nothing.