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Free speed-ups no longer at 10% time remaining, now at 3%

**UPDATE: The free speed up is now at 3% instead of 10%. I ran a handful of tests to confirm the calculations, and I’ve found that the free speed up now happens at 3%.

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t posted on the forums before, but I have been playing this game well over a year and a half now. I have a large backlog of the legendary creatures that take 7 days to hatch, and I always try to time my hatchery so that the free speed-up is at a time where I’m awake so I can ensure that I take advantage of it. Usually it pops up at 10%, with 16 hours an 48 minutes left on the dinosaur, and today is the first I’ve seen that the speed-up is no longer free at 10% time remaining. Is this a new “feature” due to a recent update?

I would have to say, if this is a ruse to get me to spend more dinobucks, I’m pretty peeved.

Anybody else having this issue, or any thoughts on the topic? Thanks a bunch!


My next week-long hatch is due to hit that 16 hr 48 min mark in two days. I’ll keep a lookout to see if anything’s changed. Others here might have some hatching sooner.

Thanks, DinoStan! I appreciate it! Fingers crossed that my experience is a one time glitch and it doesn’t happen to anyone else. I’m hard pressed to actually believe that, but here’s hoping!

Have seen a few posts on the FB page as well mentioning this. Seems to effect all the free hatchery speedups, even commons under 5 mins. This will also make it harder to get the speedups for daily missions. Sigh, Ludia just seems to be on a real tear these days of taking away stuff from the players.

Well that’s a shame that they’ve taken that from us. :frowning:

It makes me wonder when I should finally walk away from the game. I almost walked away during the tournaments with mod cards because I always lose since I never have the super rare or legendary mod cards. I decided I just couldn’t compete in those and have just spent my time grinding resources and trying to hatch the good dinos I do have, but if the small bit of joy I get when 16:48 is left is taken from me… I’m back to contemplating giving it up :frowning:

The small changes are nuisance enough to frustrate you, but not so horrifying you walk away… but they’re slowly chipping away at me, that’s for sure! haha!


Hope it’s just a glitch that’ll be fixed soon.

@Ned - do you want to confirm if this one is ALSO intentional? Given the pattern over the last couple months, I suspect it is, but would be nice to know for sure.

Further reports are that you do eventually get a free speedup but it’s more like at 2% now instead of 10%. Another dastardly move by Ludia.They seem determined to find the breaking point where players really have had enough and will quit.


The free speed up is now at 3% instead of 10%. I ran a handful of tests to confirm the calculations, and I’ve found that the free speed up now happens at 3%.

Going forward, if you’re a planner like me, use the 3% mark for whatever you’re doing; hatching, cooling down, evolving, etc.

Not sure off hand what the free time should be, but these could not have been in free mode more than 10 minutes

Google Photos

I can verify that it has changed. I was staring at my raptor a few minutes ago waiting for the green button …but it didn’t come.

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Between increasing the relative scarcity of Dinobucks, eliminating one of the custom trades, increasing the number of matches, while reducing the time to complete certain events, keeping the best Mods behind a Dinobuck paywall, and now the reduction of the free speed-up period, I sure do feel appreciated


As the saying goes, the devil’s in the details.

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Creation Lab got nerfed too. I never saw this one get the speedup. I expect the cooldown speedups probably are much shorter as well. This is going to make it SO much harder to get the 3 you need for the daily missions, which upsets me almost more than all the additional time it will take to hatch stuff.


And that isn’t even a full list! You missed the loss of decent trades for boosters (now mods), nerfing the golden rewards and other packs to not have DBs, no DBs in the boss event, etc. There already are players on FB today talking about how to cancel their VIP subscription, this is really getting to the point where more are going to start seriously thinking about quitting.

I lumped the Golden Rewards and no Dinobucks in the boss event under the general umbrella of increasing the relative scarcity of Dinobucks, but perhaps they did need to be listed individually

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My first post! Unfortunately it’s to complain that all these new changes are really ruining the game for me and my son. Doesn’t seem to be trade offs at all, and some of them just seem petty really. Have they made any changes that help the players?

It seems the better our dinos get, the more they tighten the screws.

Oh well, lots of games for us to move on to I guess when enough is enough.


Well, the upcoming release with a new island with more space and more levels hopefully will be helpful to the players, it certainly is something we’ve asked a lot to have… it just remains to be seen if it’s implemented in a solely positive way.

The mods seem to have some fans, but most players seem to have more things they dislike about the mods and the way they were implemented than not.

I’m struggling to think of any other real improvements unless you count fixing bugs that they introduced into the game.

I actually did cancel my VIP this month, it expires today. It’s just thing after thing that they’re Nickle and diming and taking away

I got my Diamond prize drop yesterday. Got the VIP tourney Wuerhosaurus. Rushed doing the VIP pack and the Dunkleosteus today to get the VIP bonus. Cashed in about 75k VIP points to get the bonus points on the packs. Now I’m going to cruise and see how things progress. I have about 30 seven day dinos and a dozen VIPs to hatch, so I’m set for a while

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If I had not paid for a year membership up-front, I’d be dropping it too, just on principle. I’m not yet at the point I would stop playing, but it’s getting dangerously close. I’m a completist, I love having every event finished, every daily and story mission completed, etc. And if I have to start regularly paying DBs to do that, I’m done. And cutting the speedups back to times that are so short you have to set an alarm clock to catch them before they expire is really going to make that much more of a problem.


I can confirm the free Speed Up on cool down has been nerfed too.

I would do a PvP with three lv 1 commons for the instant speedup to complete the daily task in a pinch, and now the speedup doesn’t activate until 59 seconds.

Sigh. Just add it to the list of “improvements”.