Free t rex


2 for 1 special


I had same thing, nothing bad saying to Ludia!


2 t rex with no event :slight_smile:


Had the same thing happen yesterday. Trying to catch a bus and had to walk the opposite direction from an event T-Rex…only to have a free one spawn at the bus stop. Thank you, Ludia! :smiley:


I had at least one spawn pretty much right outside my house for a decent amount of dna. Fingers crossed for a few more so I can finally collect it.



One popped up right in front of my house and caught another when I was out … 8 T-rexss in 24 hours!! #neverhappeningagain


A similar thing happened to me but both didn’t appear at the same time. The first spawned naturally next to the Special Event, then a few hours later, the Special Event spawned the T.rex as the daily dino.


I feel like when there’s a special event on those dinosaurs spawn more in the wild too


On the days of the special event dinosaur, I’ve noticed more wild spawns of the same for sure!


You are a lucky person. Even with the event this weekend I have seen two T Rex and that is it. Everything else has been a Secodontosaurus at the Supply Drops.


Omgg!! Got a third free one today! This is ridiculous

Still nowhere close to an indoraptor tho :grimacing::grimacing:


I was unusually lucky this time! Typically it’s no more than one Rex a week (Sorry, I don’t speak French but I understood “seriously!?” And “oh my god” )


another free epic


Exact same supply drop