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Free the Golden Chicken! Lets get 200 votes!


So looking at Metahubs recent update on coming special creature events they ‘suspect’ (not a definite) that there will be a fast and cunning week before 1.6 which for some of us this is exciting and crucial.

However, if they recycle these from week 15 and 20 then we wont get the full benefits of the theme. For example, the fast week consists of: Raptor, tany, deinocheirus; galli, delta, charlie, erlikogen2, ornithomimus and for the epics pyro and blue. However there are lots of fast dinos such as the golden chicken or Erlikosaurus :smiley:

I feel ludia should incorporate erliko into the event and make it 9 attempts. Also on the race to victory strike event, i am sure no1 gets erliko out of the free incubator unless you buy it. So this is ludias oppurtunity to give us an event for the golden chicken!

Another option is stygimoloch who is also speed 129! That could be 12 attempts.

Should ludia add erliko to the fast event? Yes or no.

  • Yes
  • No

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Obv there are more fast and cunning creatures that could add spice and variety to the events before the next update. What are you thoughts?

Lets get 200 votes on this pole :smiley:


I would like that…its super hard to find that epic in the wild… :slight_smile: Iam one strand of dna below lvl 15 on that one


If it’s 2nd gen Dino is in the “Fast Week”, it most certainly deserves a spot in there as well.


They will make it the only epic - 3 tries haha


its just really unfair to have this many events for ourano, sino, etc. and have it so players in those zones can have crazy level utarinex, green chicken, etc. but L3’s counter, erlidominus hasn’t even had one event for it. so when you look at people’s teams, most cap at like 24. we need to catch up.

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erlikosaurus is faster than gen 2 now - 128 (gen 2), 129 (gen 1),
Give us the golden chicken!
Mine’s lvl 19!

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Also add utahraptor. 128 speed and it would give us a decent rare to dart instead of Owens raptor squad


Yeah some good points already. The needs are there. How does one ask a mod to ask ludia?


I do think I found a helpful tip in that I’ve come across “Big Bird’s random spawning locations” all in, around, towards the heart, and finally on near the inner outskirts of my major city’s downtown (that being Kansas City, MO.) So like if I’m not in or around downtown KCMO I’d see or blue moon chance seeing Big Bird maybe 2% out of 100% of the time. BUT. If I am in, around, near,or close to the outskirts of downtown KCMO I’ve been coming across Big Bird aka Epic Erlikosaurus roughly 90% of the time, ALWAYS & like I said before, it’s becoming more frequent too. But it’s always in a new spot within that given told area and most of the time near major or important landmarks within KCMO too I found. Oddly enough as that is. Personally I’m loving that I’m finding Big Bird like this, since now I know a general map grid/circled spot on my map that he’s contained in to be able to go there and be happy that I find/stumble upon him/being able to dart him like 3 or 4 times within a single day. No more wasting gas driving here there and wherever trying to figure out his nest spawn (if he even has one) or where he’s more frequently seen at, to try and camp there with a 3% out of 100% in the hopes that he’ll actually show up. I’ve tested my”downtown theory” for 4 days in a row for 2 weeks now, and it’s still holding strong thank God!! LOL

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Where do you live? :smiley:


Personal info.


Im not asking for streey and number just town or city =) whats boii by the way? :wink:


Boi, is a term used when you see or hear something questionable.
guy1:I just bullied a kid in roblox.



I’m getting there thanks to my theory being proved correct time and time again so far in and around my city’s downtown.


I appreciate that Baryonyx. But to be fair he’s got a small point besides I don’t live anywhere near or close to my city’s downtown anyway so I’m in no danger whatsoever from being physically hurt by no means. Downtown Kansas City, Missouri is my downtown, not to be confused with downtown Kansas City, Kansas, that’s not the area I’ve been finding the ever super reclusive/elusive epic Erlikosaurus. KCMO (Yes), KCK (no).

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With metahubs prediction looking promising this is our chance to get a shot at erliko!

If we can get 200 yes votes maybe ludia will treat us =)

Please tell all your friends to vote :smiley:


I’ve never seen it in event, and it definitely needs to be, it’s so rare to find!!


It really makes no sense that Erlik G2 is a part of fast dinos event, but Erlik G1 isn’t.


Free the golden chicken!!! In all seriousness he should have a chance in the fast event as its gen2 is in it