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Free to play players

I’m free to play. Have been playing this game for almost 3 years without ever spending any actual money on the game and just curious:

If you are also completely F2P, what is the highest score you’ve ever achieved in PVP? Wondering how high I can reasonably hope to get. Thanks!


5600 and I started in December 2019.

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5110, I had a nice streak last season

4605, started a little over a year ago

I have 2 alt accounts which are both 100% ftp and I’ve never spent a penny on. Both are just over 5000 now.

They are both at least a year newer than my main, and ironically that one is only at a high of 5380 which had real money spent on vip and incubators upon reaching new levels for the first years play.

4879 trophies. I started playing at the end of December 2018.

There is no limitation for FTP. Paying only speeds up certain aspects of the game.

But there are various free to play players in the shores, some even above 10k.

If you play since a while you easily can have a max boosted level 30 team.

Personally I only have spent for VIP as Im simply too lazy to leave the house just for a mobile game. And Im hovering between high Gyro and low Shores with my (partly) non-meta team. And have started more than a year after release.


What’s your highest trophy count so far?

been playing for over a year now, and still hovering around in aviary with lvl21-25 with my highest being 4826 I think

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6300 and last season one member of our alliance get 6500-6600 I think, also nonpaying player.

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@SpidersFromMars got 9580 I think COMPLETLY F2P.
The cheapskate doesn’t even do VIP.
JCruss was able to snag 10150 with only VIP.

It WILL cost you though, they put in massive amounts of time.
I just hit my 250 PVP acheesement just doing daily DBI’s and keeping incs running.
They hit that one like 9 March

Cool. My high is 6190 so looks like I still have some work to do :grin:

Currently 6070. I did hit 6759 and 6520 2 different seasons, with an epic Advantage based team. My main struggle is them pesky Thors and Mortems. I’m building up a Nemys myself for the swap synergy and cause it helps work with my WRhino lol

I hit 4700 last season, this season only around 4670. Just can’t get that last win!!
My team:

Hit 5800 two season ago! I started playing since the very beginning of the game but I lost my first account some months after

I had VIP for 3 months in my early days, so I can’t say I’m completely f2p, but that’s all I’ve spent in nearly 3 years. I’ve raised 16 creatures to level 30, and reach 5900 trophies back in the first version of boosts!

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Pipesgp has never spent a dime on this game, not even VIP, and you can see him in the pvp leaderboard without scrolling, he hit 12940 last season as well
Apparently not all top leaderboard players are the so called ‘whales’

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Only quoting this guy as an example (but I’m truly impressed by some score I’ve seen here already as well)… Wondering how much the alliance was also an asset for them as well though… Otherwise, I would be curious to find how many hours you have to play every day to get those scores. I always though I was playing too much myself, and I’m not even close (and I paid for about 4 months of VIP and bought a couple interactions packages). That’s truly impressive.


Being in an alliance with level 20 sanctuaries is crucial. Since we have joined a co-op last autumn, most members of my alliance have massively improved their team. Raids help as well.

I have never spent anything but there are 2 things worth buying in the shop. The 350 darts for 100 coins and the bundles for sanctuary resources. VIP is overpriced for what it is but I understand it can be useful if you don’t want to spend too much time every day to max the resources from supply drops and event supply drops.

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