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Free win for those who keeps using indoraptor


I hate to say this but it is a fact.
I’m in Sorna Mashes and keeps facing opponents who are using indoraptor.
Ludia should filter out and better the matchmaking where the player without indoraptor in their team shouldn’t face with the one who own it, regardless of their level.


Learn to use dinos that counter indoraptor. In higher arenas countering indo is just routine stuff and there are way harder and annoying foes than indo.


Sorry to ask. Is there an effective way to counter indo?


There are more dinos that can counter indo now than in the past. When talking about counters, I mean dinos that stand a decent chance against it when played right.

Some non unique counters include:
Monostegotops, suchotator, stegoceratops, stegodeus, monominus, spinotasuchus.

Of course, some of them are more reliable than others, dinos with nullify (Monostego, monomimus, and suchotator) stand a better chance against indoraptor. The rest need to rely on some of the hits through evasive, but when played correctly they should have over 50% chance against indoraptor at same level.


Monosteg, Thor, monomims, drac g2, gigaspika, spinotasuchus, indominus etc quite a few Dino’s can handle a indorap with a bit of practise nullify it’s dodge and it’s quite straight forward! the less you rely on rng in your favour to beat it the less you will get bad results against indo (or any rng oriented Dino).


While those dinos all do counter indo… i would assume someone sitting in sorna doesnt really have them at a high enough level to be able to counter them reliably…

Not to mention some of them like monostego can be incredibly difficult for a new player to make with stego and trike spawns what they are.


I do not have any monostego or monominus. My spinotasuchus is just sitting at lvl 16 .
I did try suchotator but it fail miserably.
Never tried with Stego family. What is the minimum level can counter indo with Stego?


Remember indoraptor is a unique. When talking about counters, it is usually assumed at same level. For example, monomimus at same level kills indoraptor exactly in two hits, 1 level lower monomimus must rely on dodges to kill indo.

It’s the same story for stegodeus, Stegodeus can counter indo because it can survive two attacks from indo, but if stegodeus is a few levels lower, it cannot do that. In head to head match ups, you should go rampage first, indo usually evasive. On second turn you should go short defense because indo goes first and will DSR you, you put up your shield because on next turn indo doesn’t have a shattering attack. On turn 3 you go thago, then T4 rampage again. As long as the first rampage went through evasive or the second and third attack went through, you will win, which is 62.5% chance at same level (At same level stegodeus will survive two crits from indo: a DSR and a shielded CI).

With suchotator you should bleed first, then SS, finally NI. If indo doesn’t crit, you will either die with indo or kill indo on T3.


If you are constantly playing dinos with “better” teams than you. That means you area good player and can win with strategy. Indo is L21 (minimum) so you should expect to be at least L21 to beat it and as it is a Unique it should beat legendaries or rares shouldn’t it. People have mentioned some counters. I’m experiencing the same problem against the Mighty Green Chicken which just slaughters me every match. So I know what you are going though.


Yeah but like i said the op is in sorna…which means his team levels are gonna be 16 on the low end 19 on the high end maybe a 20…

So telling him to play indo counters isnt really that helpful… if his team was at the levels needed to consistently beat indos he wouldnt be in sorna.

To op… your gonna need to play the best possible matchup you have and hope for the best… if you can nullify cloak you have a chance beating it with the next dino out.

I spent quite a while playong against teams with indos long before i was able to make it and sometimes its gonna wreck you. To this day i mostly play people with higher level indos…

Your best option atm while working on legendaries and uniques is suchotator… its easy to level dna is easy to come by and you can keep it on your team quite far if you like it… outside of that overleveling a tawny is a possibility but it needs to be 1 level higher then the indo.


This is my current top 8


My poor Stego is just on lvl 16


Try to lvl up Tany. It’s nullifyer, but you will probably need a tank for backup.
Also Koolasuchus (both) are nullifyers.

EDIT: Use Tyranno it has nullifying attack.
Would suggest to change Allosino for Stegocera.


There’re many dinos can really do harm the indo. The dinos with nullifying to break the Dodge. Or you can use the dinos with Slow to get the priority to attack. From my experience, it’s not hard to fight with indo.


I’d go hard at Suchotator and back off on Posti, it’s not long term


Which dino should I replace the posti with? Tanyco is out of question atm as it’s DNA Is quite hard to obtain in my area.


Forget about stegod… keep working on tragod… that way any stego you get could go toward monostego in the future…

Monolemetrodon , suchotator, and indom are you best indo counters… but none of them wre guranteed to win… and indom is really just a coin toss.

Nothing wrong with your team its actually stronger then i was thinking it was. Your most likely facing a bunch of arena droppers… and there isnt a whole lot you can do other then suck it up move on to the next match.


I would keep postmet in until tryo is equal level…it can be very strong… and some perfer it to tryo.


Gorgo has higher damage than Posti, but can be slowed down. Never really used Posti. Now I have Tryo and Gorgo both on lvl 22 and on team.


Yes. Tough choices between gorgo and posti. I keep the later because of its regenerate option