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Free wins 4 everyone

Since it seems Ludia has removed the “league related gate” afrer last reset (I have been very frequently matched with players with 3000ish trophies), I want to launch this proposal: top players who has already completed the current Heroic Adventure (here below my legendary drop, thanks Ludia for the umpteenth legendary armour drop for 50 wins in HA) let other players win (I have already started).

I think this move (to remove the gate) is very unfair with regard to competitions where you have to pay to continue.

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This is a noble move, @Fizbanius, kudos.

All - I can confirm he’s already doing it, regardless if other folks follow his lead or not. I ran into Fizbanius while doing my daily chests and he basically just ran his heroes around the battle field. At first, I thought he had a move proc quest till he pointed me towards this :slight_smile: Probably the first time I’ve “beaten” him in like 6 months!! :smiley:


Tnx bro, but u beat me frequently :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure that will have the intended benefit, so I’m asking. When I lose I drop down to matches with easier players. Over all I think I stay around 50%, but I don’t keep a consistent track of the stats. I’m 10 and 6 in the current event and I know that won’t last for long. This is based on my assumption that the game fine tunes, adjusts, the difficulty of opponents based on a win loss during the event? Will rocketing players up that ladder put them in the disadvantaged position of playing a string of much stronger players?

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@Baladir, based on comments by Ludia and other players it seems the Event Trophy Count adjusts as you continue through the event. However, as the algorithm matches you based upon the greater of your ‘highest’ count or your ‘Event’ count, it is extremely unlikely your Event count will surpass your Highest Count, thus your Event count should have no impact until later in the season.

During events later in the season the adjustment rate for success in PvP events may have a significant impact on your match-ups as your ‘Event’ Count may be able to surpass your ‘Highest’ count.

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Yo Baladir, I don’t know the exact mechanics since I usually win 50ish matches in a row during such kind of events (100% vs bots).

However I’ve noticed that after last reset the system matches me with players in the ranges 3k - +4.5k.

When I started normal PVP this morning (for daily chests) I noticed I was matched vs a lot of lower level teams who were doing the current Heroic Adventure (I guessed), see the example below. What was strange is that my Heroic Adventure path was vs lvl 20 legendary equipped bots as always.

Anyway I simply decided to let them win since it is another unfair move from Ludia.

That’s it.


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@Fizbanius, it seems other top players have started losing these matches as you suggested in the other thread. Twice so far today I have been matched against top players who let me win. :+1: Its nice for a change to be the weaker player gifted a win. Unfortunately, I was in Battle Mode so it really made no difference to me.

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Thanks for your feedback @Orloch, much appreciated.

At this point I have a doubt: maybe the “league limitation” has been extended only for regular PvP (I think I remember a recent post where a player asked for this modification).

While Heroic Adv. may still follow the “old” mechanics…
What I’m sure about it that I let player X win 6 times and player Y 4 times, which is very likely linked to Heroic Adv.

I don’t know…

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