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I’m done guys. I said I was gonna do it, and I did it. I deleted JWA for good.

And it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!!! Now no more DREADED RNG quits!!! No more insanely boosted dinos do I have to face!! Now when Ludia does something wrong, IT WON’T BE MY PROBLEM!!! I don’t regret my decision. NOT ONE BIT!!!

I’ll still be on the forums making art/memes etc.


So you’re going to come back to wallow in other people’s misery? That’s a good way to stay quit.


I said nothing of the sort!!! I am going to cheer you all on, as a ghost.

Not gonna lie, this sounds like something I would do if I had quit.

I’m a ghost now, haunting the game of JWA.

Well wish you well, hope you enjoy your peace of mind.

I thought I was going to quit after I read the patch notes, I was getting bored with the game before the update, it started to feel like a chore to even play some days and the boosts sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. Since the update I’ve been playing nonstop because even though its a little f*ked in some areas its new and exciting to play with boosted dinos even though my team gets murdered from time to time by some monster thor.

I am curious to see what Ludia is going to do next to try and resolve our current issues with the game. Hopefully they can bring back some balance

Something to fire up when going to the store or something? Not even worth that for you?

Guess you are one of those PvP only players.

Cant blame you if so. I would leave as well I guess. :neutral_face:

You are so wrong.

I never do PVP, I suck at it. I quit cause I was never going to get better at it anyway and it got worse every patch. So what’s the point of playing a game you suck at, and it gets terrible every update.

Well I guess there is no point if you don’t like the core game of dino collection and creation. :hushed:

Ludia can still pull a hail mary and get this all fixed. So many leaving. :cry:

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Both myself , my wife , and our son suck at the game too .
But we love collecting the dinos , and we will never exploit glitches in the game or tournaments .
Better to suck and have fun with a clear conscience than to pretend you are something you’re not by exploiting mistakes by devs .
And if the game becomes something less than fun , then do what the op has done . You can always come back later .

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