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Freezing battles

It’s becoming very frustrating to the point I’m ready to uninstall the game! Alpha battles freeze, yet you still lose the bolt, keys & stats. Battles freezing in the Thawfest games which is currently what’s going on and why I’m posting this! It’s AGAIN going to show up as a loss, I’ll lose trophies, medals and my bolt! Out also freezes in Quests. YES I’ve made sure ALL my phone’s updates are complete and then I restarted my phone. When I sent a message to support about my alpha battle freezing after I purchased an extra bolt for 500 medals, then did give me 3 bolts and 50 keys. But I was also told this will be the only reward given, yet the problem is getting worse NOT better! After the last update the game has become more frustrating than fun. Out of three alpha battles, only one will give you the color gems you need, and yes I look at the scores of my clan members, their numbers show the same results, one battle at 60,000 plus then drop to 1500! I mean really! Thawfest games, please tell me why we can’t use the 7 dragons we’ve obtained? Why can’t a new dragon appear for us? Also our dragons have their ratings yet when we’re battled against our scores are lower than their ratings yet you show them increased in their ratings??? Sorry to rant but like I said the game has become more frustrating than enjoyment and I’m about to give up!

I am now again stuck in an Arena-battle…

One dragon left of the opponent’s team and the tiles do not react…

I do not mind bothering the support about issues but my motivation to do so is slowly but constantly decreasing… …

And AGAIN now the last dragon in my battle for barf & belch hearts! So of course I’ll lose my 3 bolts, my hearts & level up THEN I get to wait for an hour and a half to gain 3 bolts to try again on a TIME LIMITED EVENT!

iPad Pro iOS 14.1

Current TP-Quest - First of the 3*-Batlles - only 3 Energy lost - not 12.

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