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Freezing during arena

It keeps freezing on me in the arena and it just took a hundred trophies cuz I bought a hundred thousand of the fish whatever they they are, the blue fishy thangy’s. I set my phone down to feed my doggie, & it froze and tried reconnecting and just sat there trying to reconnect when I exited out and re-entered my trophies hundred trophies were gone but my fish energy whatever it is wasn’t there! and I know my signal was just fine because I’m inside of my house with a perfect Wi-Fi signal so it could not have been the connection.

I’m sorry to hear that, Chuckles000420, and our team is looking into the connection issue in the Arena.

If you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, our team would be happy to try and make this right for you.

I had a freeze as well. Lost my win streak and a few medals

Freeze during 2nd level of this morning’s fish quest

Hey AlphaAva, I’m sorry to hear that your game is freezing up during your battle as well. Please rest assured that our team is actively looking for a fix.

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