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Freezing in arena

this is the third or fourth time this happened to me this week, where i freeze on the last few dragons in an arena match. the board isn’t greyed out but it refuses to let me move tiles, none of my dragons abilities are useable, and the enemy dragons also aren’t mid-animation or anything, so idk what gives :confused: and it’s not like i can turn on autoattack since ludia didn’t give us the option to toggle that in arena, and i hate exiting the game and hard closing it from the home screen bc it always registers as a loss and i lose my streak. i can’t even wait it out because ‘inactivity’ (since i’m not able to do anything lol) causes the battle to default as a loss

is there anything i can do to fix this?? i’m losing out on the arena rewards and most importantly trust points. i’m at the end of my rope with this frankly


Hey Seabird, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key? It’d help our team with their investigation, thanks!

Hi @ned,I have a question, is the support team still on vacation? Because when I send them a letter, I receive a message right away saying that they are still in holidays.

Hey itami, when did you send the message?

@ned,I sent it on Tuesday, and another one yesterday.

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The holiday message should have been removed now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information.

You need to fix this bug. Now. It’s so annoying. I literally keep getting affected by this bug, losing my streak because of it. There’s no way to unfreeze it. I’ve tried tapping the screen repeatedly, doesn’t work. Suspend the app and go back in, doesn’t work. Turn my phone off (sleep mode) and back on again, doesn’t work. It’s literally game breaking. I’m not spending runes to keep my streak if it’s constantly freezing. I only spend runes to keep it if I lose fair and square. I have had people down to their last dragon, then the game freezes up, forcing me to flee, lose my streak, and however many trophies. If it wasn’t for Ruffnut’s duties, I wouldn’t play arena at all. FIX. THIS.

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The game keep showing there is a connection error even if my condition of Wi-Fi are perfect.
I can hardly play the game now and lose my arena battle, explore energy from time to time.

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I’m sorry that you were disconnected during your battle, Mochi. Could you try forgetting/removing your WiFi network information on your device, and then connect to it again to see if that helps?

If the issue persists, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at with your support key.

It’s been two hours and it’s not improving. No wifi problem. works great

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