Freezing on start up ios


Hi there. I have a strange issue. Keeps freezing on startup. Says loading coordinates. Drones. But freeze at extraction darts. Rein. Restart my phone. But keeps freezing. What’s going on? :frowning:


@Ricardostap, please answer the following:

  1. Which device are you having this problem with?
  2. What iOS is it using?
  3. How much available memory and storage do you have?
  4. Are other apps having similar problems?


1:iphone 8 plus
3: 600mb ram left. 3gb storage left.
4: no. I even reinstalled (sorry) pokemon go to check it out.


@Ricardostap, thanks. Did you have a chance to play JWA before going to 11.4?


I only played on 11.4. :slight_smile:


@Ricardostap, are you continuing to have problems??


After the last update it seems to be oke for this issue. Thanks for the heads up.