Freezing up

My game keeps freezing Screenshot_20190624-181904_Titan%20Uprising

Hey Laura_VanDerVeen, I’m sorry to hear that. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re currently looking into it.

I am having this same issue on Coldwind Wastes 25/78. I’ve tried several fixes from restarting the game to reinstalling the game. It’s happened six times so far. In one of the waves the board never recovers from the grayed out phase while the enemy dragons are attacking. As you can imagine this is supremely frustrating - mainly because this is the last level on that board and worth 50 Toothless points. I’ve put in a support ticket with a screenshot, but no response yet. I enjoy playing this game but this is disappointing to the point where it makes me hesitant to play. Not being able to progress because of a bug like this is defeating and offputting. I hope it gets attention and fixed soon.