French players for great team and exchange?

Hello i research many french players for exchange and formed THE Alliance :ok_hand:

Hi I’m interessed in - I’m looking for an alliance with a group of active and competitive players who speak french (not neccessary living in France). Would like to have more exchange about the game and perhaps create our own discord channel. If we agree, message here to create our top 50 :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m french and i’m interested in joining a french alliance ! I’m top 100/150 and very active on the game. My pseudo is adboys22

Athos7532#7854 - I’m not top 500 ((4,9k) cause just new level 17 and wanna goes higher, learn and play a lot.

We need many other players : no ranking required just be active and the will to improve.

So … do we speak French? :grin:
I’m not in the top, around 3500 but I’m active.
See you.

Et sinon … on parle français ? :grin:
Je ne suis pas dans le top, autour de 3500 mais je suis actif.
A plus.

Perfect , join all of us with the New méta in this game : i called this Spinotharaptor😈

Hello everybody, thanks for your answer … Tomorrow I create the french yellow vest team ( of course :smile:) with my wife , and we will take every pseudo righ hère to form this top 50 . Please Keep you away from other alliance, Things happening hère , you’re welcome :hatching_chick:

Hey boys and Girls​:fr::fist:’AngryFrenchComing’ the New alliance to serve you :handshake:.